Here’s how mindfulness can kill bad habits:

  • Bad habits are coping, not fixing: Checking Facebook didn’t pay your bills. But it did make you jealous of your friend’s new car, jealous of your ex girlfriends recent weight loss, angry at all the Trump post and scared about that you picked the wrong field to major in. (Mine is Threatre, uh oh!)
  • Pay attention. Don’t judge: Notice what you’re feeling. Being worried about being worried just makes you super-worried. And last time I checked D.C. comics doesn’t need to make another bad superhero movie. (But hey, if they want to cast me as Super Worry man. I’ll take it.) 
  • Recognize: Dealing with something is quite hard if you don’t realize there’s a something. Take focus on this problem and tear it a new one. 
  • Accept: Did you really think I was going to recommend denial? C’mon. Seriously? Denial is not gonna solve shit. Just write down your bad habit and acknowledge that little gremlin. 
  • Investigate: You are not your thoughts or feelings. They are things that are there. Examine them. If you broke your leg. “I have a broken leg.” This does not mean you’re broken. 
  • Note: When you give a feeling a name, your brain calms down. (Unless that name is “Doomsday.”)

Okay, this all leads to a very simple two-step formula for a good, mindful life:

Feeling good? Take notice. 

Feeling like crap? Take notice. 

When you feel good and pay attention to it, it’s a like eating a banana split. (Maybe I shouldn’t pick that analogy) let’s just say it’s absolutely wondering noticing your problem and fixing it. Happiness-boosting is a byproduct. You really appreciate the good moments instead of taking them for granted.

When you feel bad and pay attention to it, you don’t succumb to bad habits. You can realize where the feeling is coming from. You can learn about yourself (secret to happiness- progression). And then do something that will fix the problem.

Most of us are pretty good at enjoying the happy feelings. But there’s plenty to learn from the bad feelings. Don’t distract yourself or engage in bad habits to avoid them.

Life is rich and varied and has much to teach you.

Don’t ignore half of it.

Shoot for fixing just one bad habit at a time. It takes one step at a time to walk 10,000 miles. So now you got your game plan. Take a step toward becoming the best you.