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What if I told you that you haven’t been born yet?
What if I told you that your mind hasn’t been freed?
Sounds like questions that are said with a low timbre voice. Something that is said with dramatic slowness. A question that a guy named Morpheus might say?

Well it is from The Matrix. If you haven’t yet seen this movie, and you think you’re alive, I’m sorry to bring you the bad news because you might be dreaming still. SO WAKE UP!!! Do yourself the biggest favor. Seriously! Go buy it! Don’t rent it. It deserves all the revenue it can get because it’s just that phenomenal. The movie has everything!
The movie is beyond amazing. From Drama and Comedy. There’s Love, Betrayal. Themes of Dreams vs Reality. Man vs. Machine. It tackles heavy questions. For the first time in my life I initiated that, “deep thinking pysche.” I was 9 years young when that movie came out and because of that movie I was born. I was freed. I questioned “existentialism.” What is real and what isnt? Should we believe everything we see? Should we believe everything we are told? Is there Destiny or Freewill?
I didn’t know the answers then and I continue to not know the answers. But that’s what we’re here for, right? Humans are here with a Mission. A mission to find the Truth. To discover. To discover the quality of our consciousness: Through interaction- Through experience-Through making choices we evolve.
It started when we were young and it’s happening all around us. This perception versus reality. The mind is incredibly strong. We can invest our minds so deeply into an imaginary circumstance that physically and emotionally we believe, its real. Great acting requires this. Great actors believe in the circumstances they are placed in.
I know it’s going to break your heart, but Leonardo Dicaprio isn’t really saving Kate Winslet by sacrificing himself in the cold blistering waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It was all part of the circumstance the story called for. My point to all this is–
As soon as were born we’re up against our own imaginations.
Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, or even Dust Bunnies. Are they real? As kids, we are told about these characters that each have a job. Santa magically delivers presents in the night. The Easter Bunny magically hides hard boiled eggs during the night and gives you Easter baskets. And you know what The Tooth Fairy does….. Takes your teeth in exchange for money. Which is a total win for you! I never really thought why that Tooth Fairy wanted my teeth so badly though. Then there’s Dust Bunnies. The only real reason of why I made sure that underneath my bed was kept clean. My Mom showed me pictures of those bunnies and told me they’ll come to life if you don’t keep it clean. She was a smart women.
Anyways, as these tales are passed onto you from your parents you believe in them. You believe these characters truly exist. This is your perception of truth. It’s this ideology of truth that enables you to have the power of (Mind over Matter).
Until I started to ask questions? I wasn’t truly aware until then. I wasn’t aware of what this world was. I wasn’t born yet sort of speak. I was still living in a world, in which I believed Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Dust Bunnies still existed. Not that this is a terrible thing, but it isn’t the truth.
That’s why education and curiosity is so important. Information is at the core of our existence.

To me, it’s not that I want to be the smartest person in the room, or that I want to be the next President of The United States. Even though, it’d be nice to know what’s behind Area 51. Nevertheless, when you educate yourself, you are freeing your mind. You’re coming closer to what is truthful.
Are minds are like sponges when we’re young. Sometimes we get so caught up in life tasks that we forget that staying curious and asking questions is a huge benefit to you, and those around you. You don’t change the world by saying “World change!” You change the world by changing yourself.
The only reason I’m writing this is to make you think. Think hard about what makes you feel alive? Even if it’s hard, does it make you feel alive?

What makes your day fly by?
What skill makes you feel most in touch with yourself and the humanity of others?
What journey are you on?
In the Next moment. Anything can happen

“Now you can set aside those perceptions of others, including your own and start to just feel what you are. Feeling does not mean the forming into words what you experience or do, it does not mean to think with the mind or try to grasp all of it. It is a state of being where you are the stillness inside of you and where you canconnect, tap into energies and states of being without any word or formation that comes from you. It is pausing the mind and the you in this formation and to just accept, embrace and to enjoy all that is, to surrender and to really BE.”~ Master Lao Tzo