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I have this dream, and maybe you do too, of one day having enough time. Just one day having the power to stop time just so I can take a nice long nap. 

Who am I kitten? 

I’m always being squeezed for time. This is what happens to a overly obsessed person. I love way too hard and I hate way too hard. This will make more sense later, I promise my amigos and amigas. 

The battle against myself

The state of having enough time seems like a real capability but I’m not so sure this is true. It’s the paradox I put myself into. Once I finish this project, once work is over, once the big move is done (to LA), I’ll have time. But right now, there’s not enough time to do everything.

I hate the truth

An immense rush of head spinning happens as soon as I am woken by my alarm (which at the moment is my fathers phone call, hehe).  I get a lot done during the day, but something is always falling behind: emails, youtubbing, self-improvement promises, things I said I’d do. Am I still learning Celebrity Impressions? I’m not sure.

Sometimes I wonder if having enough time is achievable at all, or if it’s like trying to reach light speed. We can approach it, if we have vast amounts of energy, but the laws of reality prevent us from actually getting there.

I love too much 

That doesn’t make much sense though. You always get some things done, and if those things were all you felt you needed to do, you’d have enough time. If you had another couple of hours a day, you would have kept up with the YouTube course, you would have organized your sock drawer, you would have finished that book by now. 

Sometimes I wanna give Focus the middle finger. 

The amount we fail to do is finite—we aren’t literally trying to do everything. Some of us strive too. (The category I fall into.) We decide to learn how to act, but not put into practice right away. We vow to spend more time with family, but not necessarily with them physically. Just phone calls, texting, and Facebook tags. 

We plan to read “how to win friends and influence people because we want to be loved by thousands; MILLIONS.” 

This elusive state of “enough time” is possible. We only need more time to budget, or subtract pursuits that are eating it all up.

Okay, Logan we get it. How do we get more time? (Here’s my attempt)

Answers are not solved with more answers but with the quality of the question. 

It’s a simple equation:

Time available to you?

divided by

Time required to do everything you have to do?

If the result is greater than 1, you have enough time.

Even though we have a lot of control over what we intend to do with our time, there’s strangely never enough of it. 

MATH: Mental Abuse To Humans

How do we always mess up this simple equation so badly? Do any of you feel like you have enough time?

Here’s the kicker

So we’re stuck in a permanent time deficit and that’s just the way life is. The body needs sleep. Bills need to be paid.  The mind Needs to be exercised with reading. The body needs to be exercised with- well exercise. 

We don’t have time for all these commitments, yet we can’t get rid of them. 

Here’s my True solution. At least attempt. 

Give up on dreams that aren’t working, and make other bold but nerve-wracking lifestyle moves. Besides, if we’re constantly failing to meet some of our obligations, it can’t be true that they must be done. 

We do say yes to things we could have said no to. The YouTube famous as fuck idea. The Entertainment choices. Self-improvement ventures. Social media time. TV time. Reading the That Dale Carnegie book. Spending two years talking about who to vote for. There’s a lot of choice hidden in our overstuffed lifestyles.

I heard on a podcast once and anthropologists was being interviewed and said, “thousands of years ago people had much more time available to them than their hunting, gathering and child-rearing required……. Three or four hours of work a day paid the bills, so they had a lot of downtime. Then came agriculture, and eventually industrialization, and somehow these helpful developments turned almost all of us into people living under time debt.” 

I’d really like to stop these technological advancements…. but that’s not happening. 

Because these  developments were essentially revolutions in efficiency, slashing the time required to produce food and other stuff. 

Mass production freed up a lot of time, and we essentially used that time to make new ways to use up all our time. Twenty thousand years ago, the idea of deciding what to do with your life might have seemed like an absurd question. Nobody was forced by a lifelong endeavor to be a actor until there was such a thing as being a actor, or going to Los Angeles before it was the Mecca of Movie making. 

It may not have been on purpose, but our society has created a steaming pile of possibilities for time-spending. Many of them are enriching and more than worthwhile.

But we all know the problem with piles. They aren’t conducive to rational thinking. Piles are disorganized and unregulated. 

The self-consciousness sets in only when you return to the table and begin to organize your true potential. To not do what’s possible with the day ahead of you. But to do the best you can with what you have. And subtracting those essentials. Lack of sleep, money, time spent with family. 

Here’s The Truth: We are effed. 

Psychologist Barry Schwartz lays out that a wealth of options has a way of making us less satisfied with our eventual choice. 

When there are fifty possibilities rather than two, we know it’s unlikely we will choose the best one. Right?

So maybe that’s why we’re constantly trying and failing to find time to learn new celebrity impressions, become YouTube stars, learn Russian and achieve a Best Actor nomination and master the guitar solo in Stairway to Heaven—on top of a stable life of working, sleeping, eating and socializing. 

When there are ten thousand ways to spend your time, having enough time can only mean saying no to the vast majority of the things you’ve imagined yourself one day doing. And that means never becoming most of the people you imagined becoming: the novelist, the world class actor, the late night host, the MMA fighter, the keeper of spotless inboxes, the gal or guy that knows everything there is to know about wines.

“Its like we’re all busier then a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.”

It’s a scary thought, all the letting go that must happen. But it must happen consciously, and if we never get around to it, there will never be enough time. 

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