For every person that actually earns a living doing what they love, there are a million whose dreams never leave their minds.

It’s not that their idea wasn’t great. It’s not that they didn’t have what it takes.
There was just never enough fuel for their ideas to take off.


I spend a lot of time reading, listening to podcasts and reflecting. Why? Because I want to have the tools to assist people in getting their wings and to take consistent action to build their passions into self-sustaining businesses. Not only that but to help their relationships, their physiques and their minds.
It’s a restless syndrome. But it’s deigned this way, there is no shortage of energy. The more you breathe, the more energy you will receive.


Enthusiasm is a baseline requirement of success. But without a focus it is merely potential energy. And without consistently moving that energy to put wind under their sails, they are caught up in a painful cycle of almost getting off the ground. If flying doesn’t work for you. It’s like trying to drive faster on ice. All you’re doing is spinning your wheels but you’re traveling no where.

“There is no such thing as motivation. Only action.” – Mel Robbins

You know what?

I should just end this post right now and say something like “just show up, put in the work in every day and success will be inevitable.”
That would be a nice, simple and intelligent and convenient answer. Here at LTN we like simple.


But not all action is created equal. Some action is created out of a chief fear. Some action is created from mentor encouragement. And some is created out of heroic inspiration. When you’re in lift off mode, and are still trying to build confidence in what you’re doing, the type of action you take is critical. It’s the difference between momentum that inspires you to keep going, and stalled, stunted steps that leaves you flat and tanked out.

What does this lead to? Well, remembers that spinning of the wheels on ice analogy? Yeah…. No where.


So a year or two of this is sufficient to force most people to quit. It’s less stress than dealing with the constant feelings of shame and loss.
But a few industrious souls will defy the odds. With grit (I’m not talking about the food- grit) and determination they find a way to living off their passion.

All along your journey, plenty of friendly people” will be telling you – you can’t do this, you can’t do that. That you are safer in a corporate job. That you have unrealistic dreams. And that you’re not worth it. I was listening to John Lee Dumas’s podcast entrepreneur on fire and his guest said that his Gramdma told him, “never give up. Why? Because you’re either on a path that someone else has cut out for you and you can just follow in their foot steps. Or you get to cut out a path of your own.”

My opinion- the key words are “get to”

You “get to” have the feelings of shame and loss.
You “get to” defy the odds.

With grit and determination they find a way to living off their passion.

Now here’s a few final thoughts to depart with…..


Is it a small, doable mission?
The first key is focusing on completable actions that begin to build momentum in the direction you’re targeting.
The you move forward, the more inspired you are to keep moving forward.
Too often people start by thinking about the end, which just ends up paralyzing them.
Think about getting to the checkpoint or tree on the hike, at the end of the block on your run, the first paragraph of the first chapter of your book.
The anecdote here is that you make completing small growth of action- regular part of you- a HABIT. You never know which ones are going to stick and turn into your big break.
What I do I mean by a micro action?
I mean something small, with clearly defined edges.
* Spending ten minutes a day (maybe Pitching a blogger that you look up to.)
* Work on getting exposure
The first is something doable, defined and it’s easy to know whether the action was completed or not. You can show someone you did it. You sent the pitch or you didn’t, no two ways about it.
The second is fuzzy and amorphous. The lack of clarity only serves to facilitate confusion and indecision. You can’t really clearly show someone that you worked on getting exposure until that turns into a definable action.

People will tell you this. And even worse, your internal mind chatters will be the first one to flood you with all that negative bullcrap. These negative voices will really hold your dreams back. You have to accept them: they’ll always be there.
The trick? Learn to ignore them, and make your own path no matter what people say.