All it takes is ten minutes

Try it for 10 minutes, that goal you have. You might like it. 

TEN THOUSAND HOURS to master just one skill?! You’ve got to be joking. It’s hardly arduous to put the hours when it comes down to plugging in watching TV, or hanging out with friends, or even scrolling through post after post on Facebook and Twitter. Those tasks come second nature. No one needs to hire a motivational coach to log in hours sitting on your Bum bum. Sorry Tony Robbins I’ll save my $5,000 and just be nothing in life. I’m no Tony Robbins but I do have a secret. What if I told you Watching TV, Hanging out with Friends, and logging in Facebook and Twitter time was the key to you being successful in whatever life endeavors you may seek?

In one of the most influential studies conducted by K. Anders Ericcson, Psychologist and Professor from Florida State University stated that “elite performers need at least 10,00 hours of deliberate practice to achieve levels of greatness.” That’s a lot of hours! There’s roughly 8,769 hours in a year. Even if you somehow practiced deliberately for a year straight at being the best Actor ever; according to Ericcson’s study, you still would come short of becoming great at the desired skill.

How do we get good at anything? And wait a minute I thought you said I could watch TV and be successful? Here’s the trick: BREAK IT DOWN. No one is going to become a master musician, Actor, Chess Play, Writer, or even photo Bomber by plugging in 15 hours a day of work. Us humans need rest. If your New years resolution is to run 3 miles a day, Read a book a week, write a novel a year, save the girl of your dreams from a burning building. Although I don’t have the answer to saving beautiful girls from burning buildings. I can tell you this. That New years Resolutions are stupid! A complete waste of time. Lets say right now, you can run for 4 minutes straight without burning out, or you can read for 5 minutes straight without losing focus. Then your next goal should be to add just one more minute. And if that’s just too easy. Which it won’t be, but it will progressively get better, is to add just a little longer each day. As long as you set the short time. With One Hundred percent commitment to that five minutes of running or that 6 minutes of reading you’ll find out sure enough that you can reach your goal.

More importantly, YOU NEED REST. The top practitioners of each field, weather it be– Writing, Acting, Exercising, Designing, and Painting need to rest. Their actual focused and deliberate energy for what they are trying to achieve is no longer then 90 minutes a day. The best of the best work in small burst. “But Logan I really like reading who’s with who on FaceBook, or looking at the girl of my dreams take pictures with another guy. And LOGAN! Have you seen E cards? They’re hilarious!”

That’s what I’m gonna bring up next……. Do the facebook. Do the Twitter. Watch your Favorite TV show but if you want to just get your goals accomplished with the absence of guilt, then take 15 minutes. Better yet, take five minutes to work on a goal that you have for yourself and before you know you’ll get there.