Show notes


Tony Selimi is renowned in the study of human emotion, connection, and cognition.


Barely surviving as a homeless man on the streets of London, to a best selling author of the Book Titled #Lonliness

He is currently traveling the world, sharing his message of transformation and connection. 


He graciously shared his story with depression and struggle with his sexuality.


We talk about his upbringing.


His near death experience.


How he uses his struggles as a form of strength.

Quotes From The Book #Lonliness


One of my favourite actors, Robin Williams, whose movies have inspired millions of people suffered from depression and hanged himself at the age of 63. The truth is it does not matter if you are rich and famous or poor and unknown, mental and emotionally triggered health problems if not addressed can force anyone down the path of where there is no return.


We mourn their passing and we hope they have found the peace in death that they could not find in life, but many people continue to live their life doing jobs they don’t love, remaining in relationships that suffocate them, and afraid of speaking their inner truth from the fear of being judged, criticised and rejected.


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