Who is Logan Tyler Nelson really?


My names Logan Tyler Nelson and when I’m not talking about myself I’m doing one of the following- walking, breathing in fresh air, eating, listening to a podcast or an audiobook, rehearsing talks or getting a workout in. I’m ALWAYS- Scratching My Own Itch (A.K.A being curious about people.)


I am not going to lie to you though and pretend I’m perfect.


I have trained my mind to be really negative on the outside and be positive on the outside. I’ve sabotaged everything good that’s happened in my life or on the contrary. Blamed myself for anything that was good in my life.


If I had a good job. I found a way to screw it up and screw myself over.


I’ve stolen.


Cheated on tests.


Lied to friends.


And even attempted suicide.


When my mom died at age 11 I felt like it was my fault and that I should have spent more time with her in the hospital.


When I got honors in college I told myself “well, I’m an acting major. No one fails acting.”


With all this truama I felt completely alone. Which led to me trying to take my life.


The best thing that happened to me was I found out through the Power of Mental Health that I wasn’t alone.


And you aren’t either. You have a dream.


Whether you’re a boss, side hustler, creative, fitness enthusiast, or business owner who has dealt personally with depression, adhd, or anxiety. I want you to know you are not alone.


And while I do love a good Oprah or Richard Branson quote, I believe we need a little more than that to get us moving. We need a toolbox full of actionable ways to create the life we want, and my goal is to provide people with those tools – so they can start building that life tomorrow.


So wait, you might be asking yourself- what exactly do you do Logan Tyler Nelson.


Well I am a coach, speaker, writer, and business strategist. I’m an avid investor in projects I believe in.  


And I love having a job where I can help people find, shape, and focus those things in a way to get more, give more, and overall make A Life Worth Living.


I do this because I am someone who would not be around if he wasn’t able to tell stories, share stories, learn from them and give people the mental tools to overcome this hard game that we play called life.


I am going to tell you right now that you are not alone. You are enough and that you too can become Couragously amazing and it’s because your beliefs.


I will end this with saying that I don’t care where you’ve come from. I care about what you do with the things you have right now and what you are going to do with those abilities.


I know you’re curious to discover your own potential and I’m here to help you tap into it.


Life is a gift and I I’ve learned that it’s a fortune, not a curse but a fortune that it is limited.



So if you ever felt like you wanted more out of it.



Please don’t wait. Become insanely obsessed. With structure come freedom and start living by giving.


If you need help in this. Please reach me at Logantylernelson.com and we’ll share our stories together.


If you’re feeling down and out read my articles to start the new life you were meant to live.


And like always, you matter and you’re enough.



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