What is Your Inner Critic Telling You and how are you proving it wrong?

About the guest: Matt Marr has been called the Gay White Oprah. After receiving his Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2009, Matt has been helping people gain perspective and power in their lives. In his weekly advice podcast, the DEAR MATTIE SHOW, Matt dishes out advice on relationships, sex, fear, friends, job, and even makeup. As a Narrative therapist, Matt believes that our lives can be seen through a story metaphor with characters of Fear, Hope, Depression, Addiction, etc all contributing to our narrative. He also teaches a class for actors, THE MATTIE METHOD, designed to help the working commercial actor.

In today’s episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of looking deep into your story
  • The need for meaning, drive, and motivation as an entrepreneur
  • The journey of self-discovery and how to find your ‘inner critic’
  • The Narrative You Tell Yourself is Not True
  • Real Mission to Teach What They Don’t Teach In School
  • You Set Your Own Limits
  • That One Question You Need To Ask Yourself In Dark Times
  • The Importance Of Vulnerability
  • The Scarcity Of Turning A Passion Into A Job

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