You’re lucky because you’re down, wrecked and out of options.  It’s very painful when you feel unmotivated. It’s like the world is a merry go round and everyone is having fun and you’re just lying down on the ground, unable to get on the ride.  In this Episode of Scratch Your Own Itch withSean Douglas and I- you’ll go round and round inside your head and hopefully you’ll come out the other end in the better place then before. But I’m not going to lie to you. It isn’t easy. This Episode is for those who can endure the type of tension that changes you- Not just inspirational, but intensely raw, un- doctored and filled with bullet proof acts of courage. Please check out this week episode You’ll discover you’re not alone

Resilience made for those who are willing to walk the walk

Faith inside yourself when you’re at your worst 

And Most importantly that one Question is on your mind that you need to ask.



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