Hey you. Yeah, you. You turned this on for a reason. Now think about that. Just for a second, and set yourself up with success by knowing that you’re here to create someonthing amazing. A life worth living.

Why because you believe in you. And if you don’t, my guest and I are going to bring you the tools to positive thinking and share some stories to make you feel less alone.


My super hero of a guest that is joining me today is Tuan Nguyen. Why is Tuan New- in?

Tuan Nguyen is a bizdad and the founder of DudeBuddha, a community of bizdads dedicated to curating and sharing some of their greatest lessons and epic failures around business, self-care, fatherhood and relationships. He is also the founder and chief genie at HealthGenie.ca, a business advisory firm that helps drives and converts leads for dental practices that offer a very specialised procedure called All-on-4. Prior, he was a partner of the multi-million dollar online directory portals, www.Canadiankiosk.ca, www.autocatch.com, www.ottawaliving.ca where he focused on national expansion towards 26 cities for Kiosk and more specifically, the health directory www.healthgenie.ca. He has delivered over 300 speaking engagements across the globe, including 3 TEDxTalks.


So the mans life is pretty much picture perfect right. Well not so much Tuan has delt with some serious bouts of depression but he’s developed himself as a person who know what buttons to press, or actions to take to exscape those depressive thoughts and get himself focused in the things in life that truly matter.

Mid show message

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