In this episode of Scratch Your Own Itch I talk with Anna Yusim, MD about her incredible work in psychiatry and new book ‘Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live A Happier, More Meaningful Life’.

Anna has an amazing story of living a life that on the outside appeared perfect by societal standards yet she still felt a sense of unfulfilment within. She then went on a journey of self-discovery which completely transformed her life and her work in psychiatry.

Anna has helped over a thousand patients lead happier lives and uniquely combines spirituality and psychiatry for huge impact.

Don’t miss this episode as Anna shares some amazing knowledge and tips on how you can begin to find fulfilment within, the power of saying no. The Mirror programming and so so so much more.

Anna is a Force of nature.

Be sure to check out Anna’s website and new book, Fulfilled at

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