Hey Guys, get ready to Scratch Your Copy Writing Itch.


My guest today is Katie Momo. And if You’re wondering who Katie Momo is, then you’ve been missing out in life.


Katie Momo. is a Copy writing Pro, she is sales copywriter who loves helping you share your message! Not Just any message but a message that is personally yours and no one elses.


She feels obligated to say she’s been behind six-figure launches, even though she personally feels a bit douchy saying it – but sometimes we all need shot a pretentious Authorization in order for people to open up there ears and listen up.


Therefore, she recognizes it shows social proof to show she knows a thing or two about making you money.


When she’s not writing- she loves hunting down the perfect latte, participating in marathons.  HGTV marathons. She’s super funny which means she’s never had a depressive moment in her life. Not true. Katie has gone through some trying times herself and today we’re going to discuss her Rock bottom moments and also how someone can use the power of words to influence and impact others.


In the show we talk about a number of things

Creative genius’s

Terror and excitement need to be there because thats when you feel truly alive.


Sticky Note Method


Don’t wait. Just feel scared.


Having a set amount of time to do a task and just do it.

Mid show message

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