Guest Bio


Jenn Hand has issues with anxiety and depression.  When she started seeing a therapist, she didn’t connect those issues to her difficulties with food.  She had been alternating between restricting and binge eating was just her everyday experience.

Her therapist asked Jenn to start keeping a food journal – just what she ate and when she ate it.  Then the therapist asked her to add how she felt after she ate.  That was challenging.  Jenn wasn’t used to looking at her feelings. She had been stuffing them down with food instead.

Slowly, she started to see her patterns of disordered eating.  She was able to use her journal as a place to meet her experiences with love and acceptance, and she has found a new level of peace with food and with her life.

Jenn Hand has a diverse and unique background. she pursued her undergraduate degree from the Pennsylvania State University in Advertising and Public Relations

Following graduation, she knew she didn’t want to work at an agency, so she needed space and time to figure out “what she wanted to do with her life”.


She has gained experience as a speaker, writer, author, world traveler, adventure connoisseur, holistic health advocate, creator of the Normal Eaters Club and founder of,  a full-service boutique that offers coaching and an online program that enables women to transform their relationship with food, fall in love with their bodies, and well, become one of those “normal eaters”!


So honestly, the woman is seemingly 10 out of 10 on paper. Well, here’s where it get’s rough around the edges. Jen has been through arm wrestling matches time and time again when it comes to binge eating. She has had days where she was eating to do one thing and one thing only.



In the show we talk about:


  • how she got started with journaling about her food
  • how her journaling shifted as she started seeing her eating patterns
  • how things got worse after she started journaling before they got better
  • how journaling shifted from feeling like a lot of work to an essential aspect of her self-care
  • how she prepares herself now for stressful situations
  • how the quality of her thoughts has changed over time
  • her relationship with food and journaling now
  • what she does with her old journals
  • her best advice for starting a practice like hers

And so so much more


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