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Changing your perspective to change your beliefs.


Why your beliefs create your life


Self Awareness


I really blew it and everyone knows it. I’ve written a lot about Failure. I might’ve even deluded myself into thinking I am destined for a degree in: Failure.


I’m like Dr. Failure. I know exactly what you need to do if you want your roommates to hate you, if you want to get your license suspended, if you want to isolate yourself and lose friends, and also be the best money waister ever.


I once was a king at doing all this failure work and then I realized something. Failure is a perspective.


Let me explain….



I mean I once knew a woman who was beautiful. Although, she saw the world in terms of attraction and attention. Everything from job offers to getting discounts at restaurants to dealing with a nagging customers.



If someone was rude to her it was because they were intimidated by her beauty or their own lack of beauty. If someone was kind to her it was because they admired her beauty and wanted “get in her pants.”

She measured herself through her beauty and attractiveness. And naturally she measured her self worth and people in it by their beauty and attractiveness.


I once knew a dude who was a loser. He was socially awkward and nobody liked him. He saw the world as a popularity contest, a contest that he was perpetually losing. Everything from how much he earned at work, to the poor service he got at hotels, to the people who didn’t laugh at his jokes.


If someone was rude to him it was because they realized how much cooler they were than him. If someone was kind to him it was because they saw how much of a loser he was and took pity on him. Or perhaps they were just bigger losers than he was.


He gauged himself through his social status. And he measured the world and the people in it through social status.



I read an article about the ways that we choose to measure the value of our own lives by Eric Barker. “Some of us measure our life through money and accolades. Others measure it through beauty and popularity. Others measure it through family and relationships. Others measure it through service and good deeds.”


Chances are you take note of it through some combination of all of these things, but one in particular matters most to you. One stands out and determines your happiness more than others.


I realize now how important it is to measure ourselves by defining a “personal measurement of success”. A key to this success is when you’re looking through that social media of yours and no matter what you’re scrolling through. It could be someone just booked an episode in a Tv Show, signed a mortgage on a new house, bought a Gym, or maybe signed a book deal, if it makes you jealous then you may have not clearly defined your “personal measurement of success.”


The more external our metrics for our own value and self-worth, the more we screw everything up for ourselves.


And so much more.


And please if you want to start a podcast please reach out and let me help you. 


I know you have a message to change lives today because you matter and you’re enough.


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