Tamara is a creative director of Serious Take Productions, who has found her niche with inspiring storytelling within video production. She is passionate about golf, storyboarding, building relationships, and directing documentary films that inspire. She’s produced, filmed and edited for corporate clients such as Microsoft, Starbucks and more. Tamara left the corporate world knowing she wanted to become her own boss. She worked hard to gain clients such as Safeway, Gabriel Cosmetics and Cole Hatter. She came to terms with realizing she wasn’t a freelancer, but an entrepreneur and has never looked back.


In this show we talk about her struggles with Alcohol.


Her struggles with friends of hers committing suicide.


Her battles with Depression.


Her issues of self image


Her love for movies


Her story about being hit by a car.


Her love for the Four Agreements. 


How she got cheated on by her girlfriend.


Her ability to come alive in her life.


And so so so much more.