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Growing a Small Business and Online Marketing with Jaime Jay. Jaime is an entrepreneur, podcaster, website developer, and marketer. He shares his interesting journey, his insights on starting and growing a small business, and tips & advice for marketing your business online. He is the host of “Stop Riding the Pine” podcast.


We talk about his story


Being around people that mean a lot to you. 


Starting before you’re ready


Taking documentation to fulfill your creative itch. 


Making decisions based off of your overall mission. 


Having those few people that will snap you back into reality but also having those people that are the first to be there when and if you do fall down. 


Loving yourself. 


Not being the scared to pivot and change your mission when things don’t happen right away. 


Having 4 quarters vs 100 pennies. 


Knowing what makes you tick and excites you personally. 


Having Sports friends vs Best friends


And so so so much more. 


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