About The Guest


In the push and pull of everyday life, and the endless choices we have as creative entrepreneurs, artists and comics. It’s tempting to lose sight of your call, and your reason for living. Today’s guest will share his story of listening and staying true to his call with Improv comedy. He has a habit of guilting himself, shaming himself and even comparing himself to his colleagues.


I’m here with Jimmy Carrane. Jimmy is an Impovisor. He is the host of The Improv Nerd podcast.


Not only is Jimmy an excellent podcast host he is also The author of a book titled “Improv therapy.” Which is all about getting out of your own way to become a better improvised.


He’s an improv teacher based out of Chicago. His class is called the art of slow comedy.


But above else jimmy is a father to a beautiful young lads I’ve ever seen on Facebook. And there’s a ton of cute kid competition that’s on there so that’s quite the accomplishment. Jimmy just has some incredible baby making genes.



Because Jimmy has experienced it all- alcoholism, sexual abuse, neglect from family & been through some really dark times.


My hope is for someone to feel a little less alone after listening to jimmys story.

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