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Do you ever feel like you’re in a dark place? Do you struggle and find that you keep comparing yourself to others? You’re not alone, and it’s natural. Even I find myself comparing my body to other guys on Instagram and feeling like I’m not adding up – and I’m a fit, healthy guy. The key is to shift our mindset. Don’t feel like you are competing with them. Look at them for inspiration and motivation.     Adam shares with us his struggle with always wanting to build MORE MUSCLE. But most importantly how he shifted his mindset from selfish bodybuilder fitness expert to becoming a selfless leader.  


Adam Schafer is a IFBB men’s physique Pro and fitness expert. Adam made his entrance into the fitness world 14 years ago and has continued to send shock waves throughout the community ever since. He is a man of many talents who wears many hats. He is first and foremost a certified fitness expert who has an insatiable desire to help people in need of major lifestyle changes and daily accountable motivation. He is also incredibly driven entrepreneur and business minded individual with a vision that continually challenges his colleagues and peers to think bigger and achieve more. Take a listen to our latest episode to hear Adams story and how he overcame such dramatic adversity! Check out Adam’s Instagram page HERE (  



In the show he taught me  


If they can achieve it, you can too.

There’s a secret that really helps make this shift, and it’s critical that we do it in our media flooded world without hiding anything.   In the show you’ll hear us talk about……  

Adams growing up without a father figure   Food addictions to gain muscle  

Adams transformation from fat to Fit  

Adams love to push himself.  

If it doesn’t kill you It only makes you stronger.   

Why our education system is completely shifting.

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