Isabel Hundt Show Notes

Today my guest is a living Wonder Woman. Her name is Isabel Hundt.

Isabel Hundt shares her message of tuning into ourselves as the path to success. She teaches how to use our emotions and intuition as a powerful guide in business and life.


She is the author of a book titled “The Power of Faith-Driven Success”


This book really tore at my heart strings.


She describes her painful journey of self discovery being an empath. “She also talks about being “different” than everyone else so she became withdrawn, shy and seriously depressed. Tales range From having out of body experiences, hearing voices, going crazy with her own thoughts and feeling everything from everybody.  


She goes into detail of what it was like coming to America and the big transition she had to make.


Today on Scratch Your Own Itch we’re going to discuss why if you’re depressed and anxious and highly emotional. You might be an empath.

Do you feel as though you can’t help but contract the energies of your environment? Have you met someone, and with no explanation feel that something is off?

We talk about the sensations that are caused by mirror neurons in our brains.


Mirror neurons cause people to feel the same emotions as their peers and can be affected by environmental stressors and energies.


Everyone feels some form of this, but someone who is an Empath experiences these sensations to such an extreme that they obtain certain gifts due to highly developed mirror neurons.


These gifts range from having prophetic visions or dreams, and the ability to communicate with nature, animals, and spirits. Isabel, who identifies as an Empath, has had variances of these gifts as well astelepathic abilities, and the ability to see auras and energies in the form of colors.


However, the most common thread amongst empaths is their sensitivity to the energies of others and the environment where they can completely absorb that baggage and be negatively affected mentally and physically.


Over the past years Isabel developed a successful business by traveling all over to share her enlightening message of tuning in to our true selves.Her passion is to support young adults create, live and transform their lives by understanding the scientific and spiritual connections between their heart and brain and by discovering their unique and magical gifts hidden within.


She also teaches how to use our emotions and intuition as a powerful guide in business and life. Isabel has especially a heart for the Empaths of the world of entrepreneurs.


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