Wendy Smith has worked in the nonprofit industry for nearly 30 years, currently as a consultant, speaker and author. She is also a researcher and author in the field of philanthropy. Her best-selling book Give a Little: How Your Small Donations Can Transform Our World," was released in 2009 and describes the magnitude and power of affordable giving by everyday Americans. Finally, Wendy is also involved in the mental health arena as a consumer, advocate and former board member of her local chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Her TEDx Talk, “No Time To Waste: Mental Health Literacy Can Be Taught In Grade School” describes the urgent need for introducing mental health literacy curriculum in grade schools so kids, parents, teachers and local communities have basic information about mental health challenges, how common they are and how early they truly begin.


In this Show we talk about

Her Story with Mental Illness

Her Ted Talk

The Statistic that 50 percent of us will experience some form of mental health challenge. The fact that it’s almost normal for all of us to actually go through some negative thinking. 

The earlier someone that addresses their mental challenges vs pretending that it’s not there. 

How kids how a RIGHT to know how their specific brain works and not feeling broken because they have ADHD, Depression, OCD, or Schizophrenia.  

Losing her brother at 29 years old to suicide and how this was a real wake up call for her family. 

The book called: The boy who couldn’t stop washing was a book that finally revealed that her brother had this OCD when he was alive. 

How if you have a Mental Health problem doesn’t mean you’re broken. It just means you need the right kind of care. Not being worried, but rather being emotionally there and present. 

If you’re able to be open and acknowledge your weaknesses creates a willingness for others to open up about their weaknesses.

The “I am” vs “I have” technique. 

Joining a community outside of your family vs staying quiet.

Providing words of wisdom and inspiration to people that are being open about it. 

Why curiosity about mental health is the definition to Success in any outlet in life. 

“Never, never, never, give up.” – Winston Churchill

Gifting a book “Feel the fear and do it anyways” by Susan Jeffers



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