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There was a young man who was born 30 years ago. Early in his school life he was one of those kids who got their parents to sign off on his daily reading homework, even though he didn’t read. The days of not reading and doing his work piled on. He struggled. He didn’t like school. He didn’t like reading. He was a fun finder. All he cared about doing was having fun. If it wasn’t fun “why do it,” he thought to himself. His favorite time of the day was honestly at 2:15 Pm when he was released from school and he knew that at that very minute he wasn’t going to be back at school until the next day, the next morning. He had a block of freedom to do about whatever he wanted from the time of 2:15 pm to the next day of 7:45am. The only thing was that every morning at 6:45am, and started to drum up ideas for excuses of why he didn’t do his homework. “What excuse am I going to use today? The homework wasn’t explained well enough.  My Mom was at work all day and wasn’t there to help me him out. I hurt my wrist last night at practice, so unfortunately, my wrist was just incapable of movement. I forgot my backpack at school and couldn’t bring it home with me. I’ll turn it in tomorrow?” Which he never did. These excuses piled up. The more he lied, the less likely the teacher was going to help him out. The young man thought to himself “Wow they really believe me? They don’t even yell at me anymore.” In reality the teachers just gave up on him. He later learned– that when your Mentor, Parent, Teacher, or Coach stops yelling at you—this is a bad sign. It means they gave up on you. They yell at you because they care. Not because they want to make you feel bad. No, these mentors want you to succeed.

After discovering that having fun wasn’t the only thing important in life he decided. “I’m going to open a book and I’m going to see what the big deal is with these things.” With every day he tried to read just one more minute. One more page. One more sentence. He wasn’t a good reader but he wanted to get better. As he lost motivation reading he thought about people not caring what he had to say. His biggest fear became being someone that has so much potential, but not using it.

In the beginning of this young man’s life. He thought life was about fun and fun only. He didn’t want to work. Most kids don’t. It’s not easy to work. It’s takes mental endurance to do homework and to study. The sacrifices you make today will pay high dividends for your future. This kid in the story only performed for the now. The now really is most important, but when your now isn’t going to support your future wants and your passing your problems onto your future-self. Sometimes you need to sacrifice fun. You need to give up on always hanging out with friends. Give in to what you know will set you up for success later on.