Let me introduce you to Peter. Peter’s middle name is procrastination. He likes to take a long walks without doing anything. He likes to tell you that you shouldn’t be doing laundry, while you have homework. But then when you start your homework he reminds you that you have to do laundry. Peter also likes to make you feel guilty, unworthy, and insignificant. Peter doesn’t care about your feelings. He forces you to think about the shoulda, woulda, coulda. Unfortunately we all have this friend named Peter. And even more pain aching- we will never get rid of Procrastination Peter. 

Because the fucking truth is that you’re always procrastinating something. If you’re doing your laundry, you’re just doing your laundry. If you’re doing your homework you’re just doing your homework. 

Although our minds really like to try an multitask activities. It’s not really the best thing ever. Some people are great getting everything kind of done when they are multitasking. And as more technology is produced every single day this strong desire to listen to audiobooks while trying to do homework, while trying to do laundry, while driving home from work and all the while changing your baby’s diaper.

As crazy as it sounds but this is the world we live in today. Split focus is happening all the time. But what’s rare is undivided attention. That F word. Not that F word, but the word focus is hard to come by nowadays. Think about it- how much FOCUS do you actually commit too? I bet it’s around 5%. Imagine now, You raise that percentage to 10, or 20? That would mean that you’re getting something done four times as efficient. 

So let’s talk about procrastination Peter again.  Procrastination Peter makes you believe that you will never get something. I want you to imagine right now, making a fist, squeezing it hard and punching the lights out procrastination Peter. He’s a dick, he doesn’t care about your feelings. This is the only prerequisite you need to tell procrastination Peter to fuck off. 

I also want you to get rid of any shame that you feel for not getting everything done. Sometimes our brains believe that we can do nine things at once. We believe we can travel to Egypt, write a book, act out an entire movie, have sex with our dream girl, or boy; and eat like King Arthur. Not sure why I picked King Arthur, he just seems like a guy who burns a lot of calories and probably eats a lot of food. That’s beside the point. Get rid of the guilt that you have on yourself for not getting everything done. It fucking sucks to live with this backpack of shame.

I want you to walk away with this one thing in mind. Ask yourself every morning and night, how can I raise my focus? My one and only tip is. 

Schedule it and time it. To learn a new skill takes complete focus. How about you try setting a five minute timer to learn that skill and master it? Just for five minutes. Anyone can Master a skill for five minutes. Heck, you may even want to go longer than five minutes. But if you don’t, don’t worry about it because you did SOMETHING instead of NOTHING. See these little five minutes to add up. 1,825 minutes. That’s a lot of minutes. If you did just five minutes, every single day that’s the amount of time that you would get practicing this new skill. Or practicing a skill that you want to get better at. 

So take the five minutes. Kick Peter’s ass and finally feel good for taking five minutes to focus. Now I’m gonna get back to trying to do nine things at once which includes- working out, filling out my tax forms, eating chicken, taking my nephew to see his first rated R movie, learning Russian, climbing up Mount Everest, cleaning my room and crying my eyes out to The beginning scene in Disney’s Up.