“I’m 26. I want to start a business, I want to write, I want to help entrepreneurship in my country. I want to be an actor and I can’t decide.”

We’re living in a world that gives instant gratification whenever we want.  

That like on FaceBook. 

That retweet on Twitter. 

That Like on Instagram

That “you’re so talented” comment on your YouTube Channel

That “Holy shit man! You’re in such good shape” comment on one of your Facebook or Instagram pictures.  

When all you worry about is success and validation, well, it can feel like you’re dying inside when you’re not getting it. 

If I was playing father then this is what I want my son to hear:

  1. No rush! You don’t have to be that successful in everything you do TODAY. Even though the world wants it NOW. Great inventions and careers take time to build.  
  2. Try it all!!!! Live a life and do what you love as much as possible. 
  3. Results don’t matter. Process is where you should be focusing your attention. 
  4. Practice. What matters the most is that everyday you are practicing your skills. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes. That means write everyday. Learn about business everyday. Act everyday. And workout everyday. 
  5. It’s okay that things won’t workout as planned. If you aren’t working your ability “to fail muscle” then you’ll have mental breakdown for when you do fail.
  6. It’s good to have a big vision like you do. But it’s also OK that the big vision constantly changes. Get good at having a plan. But it doesn’t have to be a concrete plan that breaks you when it doesn’t go through. 
  7. Make lots of friends. This is the time to make friends that turn into lasting connections. Later on it’s much harder. This is more important than saving your country. Every artistic and scientific movement in history started as a group of friends in their 20’s.
  8. A garden can’t grow if you don’t water it. Love, learn and listen. 
  9. Every time you want something, try also to be happy not wanting it. Nobody knows at 26 (or 60) what will make them happy at 27. 
  10. Be authentic. I’ll give a tangible example of what that means since every person who has ever had the ability to write something has said “Be authentic.” 
  11. Most importantly, you can ignore all of this advice. Most people do their thing. It’s poor judgment to give advice. 

These are just ideas to believe in. It’s hard being any age and when you feel like you’re lost I hope you’ll find some of this helpful. 

I’m here on this planet for a split second. And most of that time I am sleeping, excreting waste, eating, falling in and out love, and cryingWhat more am I supposed to do?

When life seems to complex this is what I have to remind myself because it really doesn’t matter.  

My favorite comedic actress is Golda Radner. She was rich before she got into acting. Not everyone has this luxury but she would go into auditions and be nothing but herself. She wasn’t there to impress anyone. 

I would like to live my life like this. Authenticity is my virtue. When you are in a room and you’re talking about things you love and hate; life is easier in my opinion, but you have to find things you love and hate. That’s why trying everything is important.

I believe that when someone is lost: if they just scale it back and give themselves advice as if they we parents they would find what they are looking for.