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If there’s an industry flooded with profuse amounts of bullshit, it’s the health and fitness industry. Let’s not stop there… some self improvement “experts” need to check themselves before they wreck themselves. You’re a lucky lad to be reading this because I’m gonna outline the shit out of this and show you what it is so you can avoid it and spend your time doing what actually works.

The sad truth is that people’s diets, workout plans and self improvement plans are becoming their new religion and if you keep doing something that’s clearly not working- why keep doing if?

Insanity: Doing something over and over again expecting different results. 

These are some of the most common culprits.

The so called Expert

A trainer at your gym says you need to drink special pre- and post-workout drinks if you want to get results and, you’re in luck, because he just so happens to sell them. It’ll only cost you $100+ per month, but it’ll totally be worth it because you’re gonna look like Hawk Eye or Black Widow. 


hawk eye and black widow


Ahh, the stench of bullshit is hanging in the air.

Detoxes and Cleanses

Someone tells you to jump-start your regimen with a detox or cleanser because they’re just the best thing ever and who cares if you feel like death the entire time because you’re going to lose several pounds really quick. Bull friggin Shit. Please do not do this. 

My favorite- Super Supplements

Someone promises a supplement will drastically increase your results. Testosterone boosters, pre workouts, post workouts, inter workouts, focus pills, or fat burners. This is steamy warm horse shit. Look, if a genetically engineered spider provided me with super powers by biting my (you know what) I’d take bites to the (you you know what) all day, everyday or could rapidly increase my results without side effects, I’d gobble those supplements down and tell you about it too. But, until then, let’s stick to what science has shown to be beneficial. Eat real food and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. I don’t care if that’s banal advice; it works. 

No pain;  No gain. 

Someone claims you have to sacrifice, suffer, and deprive yourself to build a better looking body; that eating well and working out has to become your entire life. This too is bullshit. Health and fitness isn’t nearly as complicated as some make it seem. You just need to do the right things on a regular basis. To pride yourself of not being able to sit down on the toilet seat correctly because you did too many lunges in yesterday’s workout is like, well, not being able to sit correctly on the toilet seat to take a personal appointment with your digestive system and release some waste. Think of it this way. It’s all about doing the minimal amount of effort to promote progress. Let’s say you’re goal was to prescribe a tanning routine to someone who is pale. If you told someone who is pale and you tell them to go tanning for one hour, the next day they’ll be sunburned. Then you tell them to do it again the next day, even though they’re already sunburnt, and then you tell them to go the next day. The only thing they will achieve is extreme blistering and possible sun poisoning. But what if you told this person to just go out in the sun for 45 minutes and take a couple days off, recover and then going for 46 minutes, take a couple days off and maybe go in for 30 minutes. Each time you went out to the sun to send a signal to your skin to increase melatonin. This same ideology applies to muscle building and weight loss. So what do you do? Do full body workouts. 

Email me for free specialized training. Or just do 

Squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, curls, and tricep extensions every other day. For three to five sets each. Rep ranges from 5 to 8 reps and never go all the way to failure and I promise you, you will enjoy the gym and accelerate your overall results without not be able to sit on the toilet seat correctly. 

Self-Improvement is All about Positive Thinking

I’m not saying that positive thinking is bad. There’s no denying the power of positive thinking, some people overestimate just what they can get from it. Positive thinking only leads to genuine change if it’s accompanied by positive action. In other words, sitting on the couch all day visualizing success, listening to Tony Robbins and Eckart Tole whispering in your ear (This moment is the only moment that matters) isn’t going to make you successful. You need to actually get up and do something. Take some action. 


The language used to describe workouts and diets is getting ridiculous. It’s like a religion now. Someone proclaims that their workout program will make you a battle-ready warrior or superior specimen of the human race and their diet will make you bulletproof. So much bullshit. Doing a workout is not a heroic act and is not comparable to a battle or war. Seriously, we’re just working out. We’re picking things up and putting them back down repeatedly. Regardless of how “hard” you’re going, you’re doing it in a safe environment, and probably even in crisp air conditioning. When you’re done you get to go home and binge watch your favorite show on Netflix. Self help addiction is a real thing. Don’t listen to Tony Robbins fourteen hours a day and feel “productive.” The best thing about working out is that people actually move. If you’re only listening to Tony and you’re not putting it into action by either making a video about it or writing about it. Then you’re doing it wrong. 

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