how to pitch yourself


These notes were compiled from the influence of Sag Foundations Youtube series:

It would take you about two hours to watch the whole thing. So I just compiled it for you and took some key notes.

The objective of this blog post is to help you discover how to be in the room when you’re pitching yourself to an agent, casting director, filmmaker or agent.

Identify. What makes you; YOU?!?!?

What’s your values? Not just as an actor but as a person to? Try not to ask yourself. What makes you happy? But maybe ask yourself a question about an activity that you like doing that is easy and comfortable and makes you feel relaxed. Some amazing things can come out of being relaxed and easy going with things.
How to tap into easy going person that is fun to be with. 
Is it genuinely going for a walk?
Working out?
Writing for 30 minutes on self reflection?
Taking time to meditate?
What calms you down?
Singing and humming a song?
Calm yourself down. You don’t have to be a Acting Star TODAY. It doesn’t have to happen TODAY. Because frankly it probably won’t happen all today. Don’t ever forget. It’s a process.
(Bold letters because it’s important not to forget.)
You’ve got to learn how to be yourself FIRST. then learn how to turn it all on and be that product that you’re trying to sell
It’s much harder to handle rejection when your ENTIRE life revolves around acting. Let yourself have fun with something else every now and then.
Be interested in the other person. Don’t only be an actor. You need to be more then just an actor. When you have two people in the room and you only talk about acting; that can be a problem. Talk about your favorite foods, hobbies, likes/ dislikes. Those things can really carry on a conversation.
The greatest advice I heard from this entire talk was about being clear on what you are comparable too.
Ask friends and family who they see as in a show. What’s your special skills.
To sum this all up. Pitching yourself to an agent, Filmmaker, manager or casting director does not have to a rigorous grueling effort. Relax, sit back and show off your ability to just be a fun person to be with.
“Don’t try to be interesting, just be interested. Be interested in your craft, your likes, your favorite movies, heroes and especially the person in front of you at any present moment.”
Hope this helps all of you actor and actresses out there.