Filling up the Noggin

What if you just bought this nice gorgeous pool with a diving board and a beautiful deck. The surrounding were perfect. Everything you dreamed of having this pool had. Except for the ability to retain the water you filled it with. Everyday this pool would lose about 85% of the water that you filled it with. So, what do you do? You sit there filling the pool up day after day working harder an harder each and everyday to make sure this pool has got the water that it needs. I don’t know too many people who would keep going through this patience to keep on filling up this pool before they just buy a new one or patch up the one they have.

Taking action to keep the Noggin filled

Finally, you’ve had it. You are done with filling up this pool day in and day out. You finally take the ACTION to just by a new pool that actually retains the water. OR take the action of patching up the one you already own.

We learn through doing’s

We learn by putting the things we read and listen to into practice. The most optimal way to learn is through teaching the lesson we just learned. You are probably thinking “But what if I’m not qualified?” Even better! You ever hear the adage, “you learn more from your failures then you do from your successes?” That’s exactly right. If you go to teach this lesson to another group of people and you fumble up on the lesson you will have to relearn the lesson by ACTIVELY trying to teach what you have learned. It’s amazing what you learn from bridging the gaps with your subconscious. So as soon as you run into difficulty and start to make mistakes, you have to learn how to correct the mistake. This forces your brain to concentrate. Your subconscious likely knows all the answers but your conscious is a little slow… Therefore you need a to build around it sometimes. It’s like having your dominate hand do all the work and then your dominate hand gets weak, and out of now where your weaker hand comes out of no where and finishes the job for you. I don’t know what task or job this weak hand finishes for you in particular but use your imagination. I’m sure it’ll think of something.

Wait, I thought I was concentrating while reading or watching TV…..?

You are absolutely right. But what it’s not doing is living on it’s own. Making it’s own mistakes. For example, think of your first time going out on a date. You may have been the person who asked? You may of been the person who got asked? Either way you both were trying to figure it out, right? A lot of mistakes were made, right? I am right. I know I’m right. But then you also probably went home with a new profound “seed of knowing.” All the good and bad that happened on your date is now inside your brain and if you were to take a test over it right now; you’d score a 90% or better. Why? Because you actively made good or bad choices on the date. AND if you wanted to score a 100 percent on this test, you went home and journaled about it to reinforce these to memory.

I’m a little confused…. How exactly do I remember 90% of what just happened? 

You ACTIVELY reinforce it. You do what I do. I either talk about it with a friend. I actively look stupid the first time I talk about it because I am not expert but at least I’m trying to keep it up there, or…. you do this on your alone time and write about it. Chances are you have a blog and can actually blog about the things you just read or watched on TV and learn from them. All and all write an article about it, do an audio recording of it,  And so it goes. A simple concept is never just learned. It needs to be discussed, talked, written, felt etc.

Final checkpoints in order to rock your next test in life

Listening and reading… Well, it’s only listening and reading. It’s not real learning.

Real learning comes from what? You know. I know you know…..

That’s right, it comes from making mistakes. Remember we learn more from our failures and not our successes.

And mistakes come from utilizing those readings and listenings to your daily life tasks.
And that’s how you retain 90% of everything you learn.