My memory got me into college, got me into undergraduate school, got me my first job, Allowed me to be a performer, it allows my Mom to live inside my head even though she’s deceased, and it gave me my personality. Memory really does give you A LOT.

The truth is. I went to school for Acting. There’s this thing that happens to actors all the time when you tell people you’re an actor. “Oh my gosh!! You’re an actor?!?! Can you sign my B^*b.” And I reply “sure.” Except the truth is we never get that question. Unless we’re as famous as Jackie Chan taking pictures with Panda bears.

Re-tweeted over 3 billion times. Yeah, that’s a Million with a B.

The real question we get as actors is “How do you remember all those lines?”

And honestly. It’s not easy. But I wouldn’t take back any second I spent on learning my process to memorizing all those lines.

The thing is, while some people are blessed (I was not) with a naturally impressive memory, but the true memory experts are made, not born.

So our hunter-gatherer ancestors didn’t need to recall phone numbers or word-for-word text out of a script or the names of dozens of strangers at a cocktail party or tons of data to spew out on a Ted Talk stage. What they did need to remember was where to find food and resources and the route home and which plants were edible and which were poisonous. Those are the sorts of vital memory skills that they depended on, which probably helps explain why we are comparatively good at remembering visually and spatially.

So, how do you Super improve your memory? C’mon, we’re gonna build a super brain for the super body with these 7 powers.

7 suggestions to a Super Human Memory

Here are 7 science-backed strategies to help you start improving your memory:

If you’re struggling to memorize your talking points for a big presentation or can’t remember how to do something, go over the content with people. Several studies have found that when you discuss information with other people and ask them to give you reminders, you remember more than when you try to memorize information on your own. I always asked a friend or a family member to hover lines with me to make sure I hade them as hard as Arnold S’s chest muscles.

This might sound confusing but a Harvard study found that being busy boosts your memory. This is because engaging in lots of different activities increases your mental stimulation. It’s like exercising your brain. Like physical exercise though, you lose the benefits when you push yourself past the point of exhaustion. I always knew I was over doing it when all I kept thinking about was “Dobi have these line memorized??!? The more things you have to do they less you’ll think about the lines. The easier, it’ll come.

The health of your brain is strongly tied to the health of your body. Research has found that people who exercise on a regular basis, even if that exercise is leisurely walking, have better memories than those who do not exercise regularly. If you don’t already walk. You should! Walking in my opinion is the best thing a human could ever do while reading, writing and keeping that brain fresh.

If you need to memorize exact information, you need to test yourself even after you think you have the information down. In one study, people who tested themselves repeatedly – even on information that they learned – were able to recall 80% of their information compared to 35% for people who stopped testing themselves once they remembered something once.

I know that trying to fit in enough sleep into your busy life can be a challenge. Especially with more candy crush and the constant exposure to Instagram. However, it is a must if you want to be able to quickly recall information. Sleeping helps memories and, without it, your brain can’t function at its full potential, leaving you struggling to remember basic things. When I slept like a baby I memorized text with way less effort.

Though it might be convenient to type your notes, studies show that you remember more when you handwrite information. Handwriting, unlike typing, reinforces the message you’re writing in your brain, making it easier to recall later. I used to write out the lines I really had a difficult time learning and this shizznit works. Writing out information that you really want to remember helps immensely.

Research has found that you can increase your ability to recall information by up to 50% by contemplating why the information is important to you. Doing so gives your brain additional pressure to transform your short-term memories into long-term ones that you can easily remember later. If I didn’t know why I was saying what I was saying in the context of the play or film. Those were the lines I would often forget. Sodew the dew. And get those lines a reason to be spoken.

Additional super human Powers.
Learn from mistakes. You failed? You made a bad decisions? Learn, study, write it down, analyze, figure it out. You won’t make the same mistake twice. Also, be ready to blame yourself. And being hard on yourself is part of the problem. Try not to lose your cool. Take a deep breath when you’re quizzing Yourself. Don’t blame others. If your memory failed you, try a different strategy from the one of the seven suggestions it takes to develop a killer memory.

And if it itches. Scratch it.

Comment below with what suggestion memory trick you’re willing to try