super saiyan productive

My college mind – an artist and a obsessed thespian– would have these “flash!” moments. All of the sudden I would decide I was out of shape.

“I’m disgusting!” I would proclaim.

Then, the next morning, I would jump out of bed and run for miles and miles. Doing crossfit workouts of the day and running myself harder then I did the last time. 

The day after that, my body would be so sore I could barely move.

Compare that with my friend Brandon who lost over 65 pounds in 5 months in Russia. He made health a habit. And even after losing all that weight, He has daily practice of health, working out, eating well, watching his mindset and living consciously. For Brandon, it wasn’t an event. It was a system.

Now, consider any goal or dream or business idea you have.

What systems or habits or practices (different words, same outcome) do you need to put into place to create success?

Here’s how how I understand it and articulate it to myself: 

A system or habit makes you less prone to reactive thinking, to the “whinies,” to the “I don’t feel like it’s,” panicky feeling fat moments and doing a crossfit workout. 

Your mantra becomes: “This is just what I do.” Like Katy Perry would sing “Its a big deal. This is how we do.”


• The alarm goes off at 5am. You don’t have to ask yourself if you feel like getting up from the flannel sheets. (Of course you don’t!) You say, “This is just what I do.” It’s no big deal. You head to the gym.

•Its Thursday night and you haven’t created a vlog that day but you hear about a party that night. If you don’t have a system in which you schedule routine vlog making time at 8:30 pm right after work- you’re most likely not going to get that vlogging done. Conversely if you just DECIDE before hand at 8:30 it’s vlogging orgasm time. You Effin create no matter what party or pleasurable event may come up. You can always party afterwards and without any guilt. 

• It’s 9am and that means it’s time to spend an hour writing a blog post even though you don’t feel “inspired.” “This is just how we do” means you sit down and write. It’s part of your business. It’s a piece of your art.

• It’s 5:30pm. Time for most people to go home from work. You’ve started a network marketing business, so you stay at your desk for an hour to generate ideas and connect with contacts. “This is just what we do” means that you’re thinking long-term about your income and opportunities, rather than rushing out for a second job to get that extra cash right now. “This is just what We do” also ensures that you’ll continue the practice, rather than giving up after one or two phone calls! Thanks Katy P. 


If you tend to fall prey to feelings/ emotions, moods, or negative thoughts, then by creating systems, habits and practices will teach you more about success than success itself! You will literally be capable of ANYTHING as soon as you can program your new desired skill as a HABIT or SYSTEM. Remember, the meaning of Creativity is choosing to be the Creator, not the Reactor. 

When you wait until you’re inspired or until something outside of you makes you happy or until you feel terrified of the chaos in your life before you take action, then you’re creating a Domino Effect Life. A life based on Reactivity. Not Creativity.

I started this blog post with not one single idea in my head. My debt from college is still giving me headaches and anxiety, and I had to go to a therapist ( I highly recommend this even if you don’t feel like you have a problem). By the time I got home from the therapist, the gremlins in my head told me the well was dry, there were no ideas left, and perhaps I’d be more inspired tomorrow.

Then, I just sat down to write.

And Katy Perry lyrics came through once again and told me that this is just how we do and I need to make a freakin blog post about systems and Habits so my friends who read this also feel more inclined to accomplishing everything they’ve ever wanted.