Four letter word that disables us to accomplish what we want out of life. There’s value in trying to chase your fears. By honestly listening to the things that scare you in life. I’ve always wanted to be a professional “something.” All of those high levels of Adrenaline inducing situations. Having that feeling that swallowing your saliva is not going to make it better. The fear is what makes you at the end of the day.

There’s a high price for those who salute fear. Welcoming fear and facing it head on is not easy. It’s painful. It’s not fun to feel susceptible to pain. It’s not fun to feel knots in your stomach. It’s no fun that your heart feels like it’s going to explode. That feeling one receives when they try breathing and no matter how hard and heavily you breathe, still you feel short on air. With this in mind.

Just think: What Pain Are You Willing To Go Through To Get What You Want?

If I’ve learned anything about growth and discovering my passion for life—It’s not about what makes you smile and laugh the most that passion lives. No. It was overcoming that monumental disbelief in yourself. Every master artist or businessmen have one train in common. They have an idea and they have just enough confidence to beat down the possible failures that are associated with that task.  With great goals, comes along even greater fear.

Fear is the number one way to find your career or passion in life.

Without some suffering, without some kickback, without some sort of stakes dealt to the situation, there’s no purpose. In my life, I have found that before I accomplished anything worth talking about in the future. Fear was always present.

Tom Hanks said “A hero is someone who walks into the Unknown.”

Robert Anthony says, “We fear the thing we want the most.”

Chuck Palahniuk says, “Find out what you’re afraid of and go live there.”

Mr. Palahniuk is on to something, and I like to believe, so am I. To be an Actor. To be a Writer. To be an Artist. To be a Professional Athlete. To be a Lawayer, A Surgeon. Think about it. It’s scary scary shit. But when you see people perform tasks in those areas, at an elite level and you can’t help yourself from not wanting to do that to. BOOM! You found it.

My passion is storytelling and acting. Acting to me is so amazing and terribly terrifying. To memorize entire dictionary amounts of information and then there’s blocking. Where do I walk? When do I sit? What’s my line? Then there’s this Honesty thing. The most important thing for any actor to honor. Can you live Truthfully under imaginary Circumstances? To make this happen takes some serious gonads. To go up on stage or in front of a camera and not try to hide behind anything but rather be more relatable by being vulnerable, by being courageous enough to be effected by whatever is happening around you is Noble. Not matching up to the audiences expectations.

With this is mind fear can be your medicine if you let it. What if you switched a gear in your head the next time you got scared of doing something and instead of backing down you asked yourself “What does this mean?” Too often our fears our a sign of weakness, but I’m telling you right now that isn’t a strength. It’s a sign. It’s a sign that when you fear something. You fear for it going wrong because you CARE. You care that you could screw up and it could go south. How about this. Think about how Thank-ful next time you are for feeling fear. It’s biologically impossible for gratitude and fear to live inside our bodies at the same time. So I end with this.

Please think to yourself after you think something is impossible. Let the next thought be “I’m thankful it’s scary. I’m Human and I’m lucky that I care about something in life.”