truth hurts blog


Evertything sucks in your life and Its all your fault. 

That’s the delightful news. A call to action. 

The downer news is that only you have the power to fix it.

If that seems upside to you, good— because I would like to conduct this conversation in a place I call Reality.

If you’re about to write in and tell me that having the power to change things seems like entirely good news, I have a hunch you’re the type of person who posts a lot of inspirational quotes on social media. You probably read a lot of self-help books.

You probably think that positivity is the key to happiness. And you’ve probably been in the same place for the last several years, with no end in sight.

Hey, that’s great and grand and all but what is it really doing for you when you close your eyes at night? 

People here’s the cold hard truth (Warning it fucking hurts)

The energy. The late nights. The grind. The frustrations. The trade offs. The time. The hunger. The inescapable knowledge that the ONLY way things get better is when you make them better inch by agonizing inch.

People who dive head first, heart first, into their shit realize that the power to change things means the responsibility to change things. Change your bad diet. Your bad exercise plan. Your bad opinion of yourself. Your shitty job. Your limp career or your even softer slow growing business. 

And anything that’s terrifying is bad news.

Accept that.

Accept that as true, and let it sink in, all the way to the bottom of your heart. And then decide whether you think it’s worth the effort.

Want to make more money? Fix your relationships? Get out of that job you hate?

Cool. Accept that all of those thoughts are the result of your shitty situation, which exists because you created it.

How liberating is that? It’s the best goddamn news you’ll hear all day.

Now: fix it.

Changing it seem too scary? Too hard?

Don’t have it in you to spend a year sleeping two hours a night building a business? Too afraid to bleed on pages and put your content out in the world for people to hate or love or praise or judge? Too comfortable in familiarity to just burn the whole thing to the ground?

Cool dooders and dudettes. 

Enjoy mediocrity.

My Acting Teacher Kathryn Gately lived with this Bad Ass-ery. And I’ll tell you what, FEAR WORKS.

I’ll leave you with this thought. Encouragement to do great things is great and grand, but how many negative thoughts do you have about yourself in a day vs positive thoughts? I bet you the negative out weighs the positive. 

Let the negative self talk seep into your skin.

It’s not a bad thing.

This negative self talk is going to make you change for the better. Wit that said, go change yourself so you can be the change you want the world to see.