I woke up five in the morning thinking about all of my artistic problems. I tried going back to sleep but I just stared at the ceiling. I thought to myself, if I don’t create right now I will never ever do it.

Someone once said to me, “there is no right time, there is only now.” Whoever said that, curse them, they were right. 

I just recently graduated college with a degree in Theater. Which gives me eligibility to basically teach high school drama and donate sperm. Even the acting world this doesn’t give me any permits towards having a career in show business just because I have a degree. No, you still have to prove your talent is good enough for a part in the play or a movie. I’m not saying that there aren’t any other professions like this- I’m just saying that there’s really no guidelines to becoming a working actor. At least if you’re studying nursing, you’re going to become a nurse if you graduate. You’re going to become a doctor, if you graduate med school. Not acting though. 

The only way that an actor becomes, successful now a days is by, auditioning over and over. The actors life is filled with trying to gain people’s love. How do you do you this? Practice. What if no ones hiring you as an actor to be in their plays or short films? Do you just keep taking more classes and spending more money. You can sure, OR you can get yourself out their and create content!

This is why I woke up at 5:00 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. Now what is this creating content involve? The definition of content is something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or of various arts. Therefore, Content could be making a little video with your friends. Content could be writing a script and filming it with friends. Heck, content could be just setting up your phone and doing a monologue into the phone. And one cannot forget about social media, filming a two second Snapchat story is actually creating content. Even Instagram has capabilities to showcase tour talent. 

So this is what I have to do for myself. And this is also what you have to do for yourself if you want to be an actor. You have CREATE. Even if it sucks at first and you’re just filming this content on your iPhone. 

It’s still not a bad idea to take classes, and to get a degree in acting but at the end of the day its like making a wall, the great wall of China and the only way to get better is through practice and social media can be your outlet to practicing. 

So now how do you focus on becoming a master actor if you have to do all these other things? It’s like you’re saying I have to be a writer, I have to be at cinematographer, an editor, a director, a producer? Well, you don’t have to be. But if you want to not leave it up to luck and take control- you’ve got to create things. I’m not saying that you can’t be a master actor and get work, but I’m just saying that your chances only increase when you practice all these skills. The days of being a master at just one thing is gone because of technology. You can be a pretty damn good editor by googling how to edit on an iPhone. So my challenge for you is- don’t wait for someone to hire you to be an actor. Go out there and hire yourself. Create something today. Even if it’s a two minute vlog about why you started acting. This business is about relationships and exposure. The more places you’re being seen- I.E YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and twitter- the larger of an of an opportunity you will have to be on Television set, or a movie set Because you can only control two things your looks and your skill level. No one is going to give you a golden ticket to become an Oscar nominated actor. But you can give this ticket to yourself if you create one bing each and everyday.