Men’s monologue

Preface: Ron is 26 and in the hospital with his suicidal 31 year old sister named Brittany. She is in there for attempted suicide. They both reside in Brooklyn.


Oh I don’t know what depression is? You’re absolutely, totally right. Ya know, that’s what all depressives say. How would you even know how I feel and don’t feel? You’re never around family because you claim to be “tooooo busy with previous engagements and suicidal all the time.”

BRITTANY: You have everything a 26 year old would ever want.

I have everything and I have nothing. (He really thinks) ya know, there’s two sides to everyone, you know that right? There’s this side you all see on me. A successful actor, a son, a brother, and stand up guy. That’s what you, Mom, Pops, friends of the family would all say about me. And then there’s this side that I view myself as. The side of me who has all these things going well in his life but still feels like complete shit. I remember as kid I was dumb, ugly, and let’s face it, unathletic…. But now I’m not like that so much anymore. I’ve worked at all those things and I’ve gotten better at being less dumb, less ugly and less unathletic. Since its been all about you Brittany, only you, I’ve kept my mouth shut on how I really feel. And I don’t even know why anymore. You don’t seem to appreciate all the help. I’m so busy trying to please everyone else’s ass that I never get to please my own ass. The truth is…. I’m so scared that everything in my life is going so well and at the end of the day, I’m still sad. I’ve noticed and realized that real depression isn’t about being sad when everything in your life is going wrong. Real depression is being sad when everything’s going right. Brittany I get it- you re down about the way things never work out for you, but you at least have got to be a little less of an attention whore… for 5 seconds of your life! Everyone’s is so nice to you all the time, bringing you gifts and calling you all the time to see if you’re all right and somehow you still manage to it fuck up and end up back in here. So please, if you’re really hatin this life as much as the rest of us… Then just change. For gods sake put a smile on your face once in a while and feel good about yourself.