SYOI 39: How To Make Meaningful Money | Tuan Nguyen

Hey you. Yeah, you. You turned this on for a reason. Now think about that. Just for a second, and set yourself up with success by knowing that you’re here to create someonthing amazing. A life worth living. Why because you believe in you. And if you don’t, my guest...

SYOI 38: Resilience, Suffering, and Creativity In One Man | Brian R King

Hey you.  I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that you’re the person who’s going to save the world. But first I think that you need save yourself first. I believe 100 percent that when the plane is going down you cannot help someone with their oxygen mask...

SYOI 33: Change Is Hard But It’s Not Impossible | Logan Tyler Nelson

Why planning is the very seed of an entrepreneurs anxiety and how to get rid of it   I thought about action.   I know it’s weird. Action from that?   I thought about my beliefs. And what they mean to someone’s sanity and especially a person with anxiety that also...

SYOI 31: Nine Ways To Stay Un-Happily Happy | Mini- sode Logan Tyler Nelson

My life is like a laboratory and happiness has been the experiment.Everyday is a little bit different. Within those days there’s moments of good, bad and ugly. My only goal is to be in happiness for most of my day. Which is a paradoxical goal. If I don’t untie myself...

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About Me

My names Logan Tyler Nelson and when I’m not writing about myself I’m doing one of the following- walking, breathing in fresh air, eating, listening to a podcast or an audiobook, rehearsing talks or getting a workout in. I’m ALWAYS- Scratching My Own Itch (A.K.A being curious about people.)

I am not going to lie to you though and pretend I’m perfect.

I have trained my mind to be really negative on the outside and be positive on the outside. I’ve sabotaged everything’s good that’s happened in my life or on the contrary. Blamed myself for anything that was good in my life.


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