Try writing without an idea? Say what?

I recently took a course in Short Story Writing. Aside from a multitude of new ideologies that I was happy to inherit the one that stuck out from the pack was the idea of “uninspired writing.” The teacher argues that—He likes to write only when he isn’t inspired to write. From what I understood, is he does this because of a few reasons. He does this because his writing will be pure. It’ll have his style and it won’t be a carbon copy of someone else’s. His writing will be a direct finger print from his own finger and onto the page. He also does this because so often writers will try and write only when they are inspired to write. But how often do you truly feel inspired to write? Maybe 1/10th of your awakened hours do you actually feel like doing something arduous. Writing for most isn’t easy. To begin a piece is hard. Why? Because when you first start you put so much effort and if you don’t know where you’re going with it; it could be a little like riding a bike. You’re riding and you’re riding, but where are you going? Who knows?

The Value behind “un-inspiration” for Artist and Entrepreneurs

My main thing is Acting. The reason why I started writing was because of Acting. Although living under imaginary circumstances and developing a person from a script into a living breathing person is the fun part, but to be frank, sometimes it fucking sucks. Some actors will say, “I love acting! It’s so much fun!” And sure, they probably do. I guarantee to you that when you see someone “acting” which means their faking tears or faking a smile or faking an emotion, it rubs you the wrong way. You think “Well shit, I could of saved my Ten Bucks and saw another childrens play, for free.” When you really feel loss, pain, grief, fear, rage, anger; the dark colors of the emotional wheel, well, it’s not easy. It takes work. And I don’t always feel inspired to do it. So sometimes as an actor I have to do things like Write or Act when I’m not inspired. The same idea goes out to entrepreneurs. There is a billion ideas for businesses that are born each and every day, but why is it that only some transpire into business that you hear about every day? It’s due to the fact that the person behind the idea worked on their business when they didn’t “feel inspired.” They worked on it because they NEEDED to, not because they always Wanted to.

The Secret

It feels good to Masterbate. It feels good to sleep. It feels good to eat. It feels good to drink. It feels good to drive nice cars and live in nice homes. I am entirely guilty of all these pleasures. I am. I don’t think there’s a human on this planet that isn’t. But some of us, including myself need to WAKE UP. The people that changed the world forever were the ones who went through temporary pain to make permanent changes. To write is not easy. To Act is not easy. To start a Business is not easy, and that’s exactly why only so few do it. The Martin Luther Kings, The Ghandi’s, The Steve Jobs, The Steve Hawkins, The Martin Scorsese’s, The Beethovens, The Jackson Pollacks, The Best of the best didn’t find a passion and love every minute of it. They forced themselves to get up on days they didn’t want to. They worked on pieces that they believed in but didn’t necessarily work on them because it felt pleasurable and inspiring to do so. It’s not fun to fail. It’s not fun to feel embarrassed, stupid, or wrong. Most of the times you will be un-inspired, but to reach the real greatness of anything worth doing, takes work.