You ever have those times in your life where you just want to do everything that inspires you? Everything you watch, read, listen to, and consume as far as entertainment goes creates a thirst inside of you that makes you want to do everything. 
You watch an episode of Friends and you think, you know I want to be Joey or Rachael. I want to be the funny naive guy. I want to be the gorgeous brunette that men fawn over. I want to be an actor. 
Then you read a John Greene novel “Fault in our stars” and the way it touches you makes you want to be a writer. The beautiful language that makes you feel like one of those characters creates a dire need to become a writer. So you start writing you’re most recent experience about the last time you fell in love even though you knew it may never workout. 
Maybe you’re really focused on writing this novel for two days and then you listen to a podcast called The Nerdist or This American Life and you find yourself so inspired to share stories via podcasting. But how are you going to get famous guests on your podcast show? You try for a week and then you give it some breathing room and give it a break. 
Then all the sudden you read this blog and it totally speaks to you. You feel like the author is inside your mind writing down all these ideas that you’ve had before. This makes you so completely inspired and you’re like “I’m gonna write a blog! Of course!” It’s simple. You don’t need a certificate of any sort. All you need is a computer, internet connection and an account on word press. You start writing emphatically for two weeks. 
Then you give up and think about acting again. 
Then you think about writing a novel again. 
Then you listen to a podcast and think about podcasting again. 
Then you think about writing a blog again. 
And you go round and round and round like a game of duck duck goose and you’re waiting to get arrested by one of these activities.
Then all the sudden you find yourself after three weeks of acting, thinking about podcasting, and writing that you feel like you’ve got your hand in a pocket that impossible for you to get out.
So what do you do? You’ve got to keep focus! 
Take a step back and ask yourself some questions. 
Out of all these crafts and activities…. ask yourself which one makes you feel the best while you’re doing it?

– Hint: which one do you gain the most energy from?

Why do you want to master one of these skills? 
Is it because you want to be as good as your role models? 
Most importantly- which one of these crafts equally challenges you and also feels like time is no longer a factor?
While you’re writing do you feel like there’s no such thing as time and you’re writing and writing and for this portion of your day you feel like you time was completely absent? 
The best thing for you to do is read some astrology and listen to the gods above tell you your life purpose. Totally kidding. Don’t do that. 
Do the thing that makes you curious. It’s all about being a kid again if any of these activities make you feel like a kid again. Even if you’re not good at it now you will be good. Just keep going. There’s no reason to stop. Well, stop if you have to wash yourself, eat and sleep of course. Those are kind of important. But keep going. It’s a number game and the more times you metaphorically throw a free throw the more times times you have a chance of one going in. 
Give it some time though. Give yourself a system of belief and know that the effort you’re putting in now is worth it. Even when you feel like it’s not worth it, it is. 
At the end of the day though. Treat yourself.