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Steady state cardio???? How dare you, you wanna lose weight right???? How do you lose weight by simply walking. Well, here’s the truth. Moving causes you to burn calories. 

Myth of the day: You need to run a ton of sprints to lose weight.  

NEAT non exercise activity thermogenesis 

The things you do unconsciously to burn calories. (Such as bobbing your knee up and down while watching a lecture.) This burns calories. 

So People everywhere have been trading in their walking shoes for shoes to sprint in, and other tools with which to perform high intensity interval training and other forms of intense conditioning.

Yes, I have read the dozens of research studies that show how interval intensity training is far superior to long steady steady state cardio for fat loss, and how some people even gained more body fat when doing long slow state cardio. So it seems pretty cut and dry that interval training, barbell complexes, bodyweight circuits, and crossfit so hard your arms fall off type of methods are the only way to go if you want to lose body fat. (And Limbs)

Well . . . I am going to disagree and say that there is a time and a place for “steady state cardio” and also a time and a place for “high intensity interval training.” I know I may be the minority in the fitness world but I believe that such methods are not always the best option for fat loss.

So when I say “steady state cardio” I am talking specifically about walking– walking at a fast pace which is quite a bit faster than how you walk through a store or when you’re just going through a building that’s burning on fire. That to me is steady state cardio. 

From what I have experienced with myself and several highly concentrated case studies, high intensity work can sometimes interfere with progress in the weight room. 

If I do HIIT, I’m not a very efficient mover the next day. Typically my quads are sore and I can’t improve my performance by lifting heavier weight or doing the same weight for more reps. 

Nia Shanks is the owner of Lift Like A Girl and she’s trained 100s of people. Including professional Bodybuilders and professional athletes. 

A post from Nia Shanks on 2009 states the following with her clients:

“When she had her clients perform the workouts, her main concern was having them put 100% into the strength training workouts, and to improve their performance consistently. To make sure that happened, She removed the high intensity training from the program and had them engage in brisk walking three to five days a week with the walks lasting from 20 to 30 minutes. 

Furthermore she states like a personal training badass that “Because of that change, her clients performance in the weight room was always increasing, and they were still losing fat at a rapid rate.”

Well this interesting….

Her clients actually improved their overall performance and increased fat loss by doing less “HIIT.”

What what????

If you’re goal is to lose fat then get a fit but a track your overall daily movement. If you’re walking around all day/ cleaning the house or you work in a restaurant in which you’re constantly moving. Then please realize you do not need to spend 7 days a week on HIIT cardio sessions to lose fat. 

Yes, I know research shows otherwise, but real world experience has shown Nia Shanks and myself that there can be a time and place for steady state cardio. 

Final thoughts: 

For those who love HIIT, Keep on keepin on. Because at the end of the day the most important part of your training is consistency. What will you consistently do Day in and day out? If HIIT is the answer then keep doing HIIT. Especially if you’re doing a lot of sitting around that day and you’re sedentary. As far as Time Efficiency. HIIT wins. BUT if you are like me and you love writing, reading and walks in nature. Take the walk in nature. Observe Beauty. Write while walking on the treadmill (bit of a learning curve but you’ll get used to it.)

Routine is key. If you wanna learn more then wake up thirty minutes earlier in the morning and get yourself reading. 

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book. (But since you’re reading this, guess friggin what, you too can live multiple lives, and burn some calories while doing it.) 

Comment below and let me know your current cardio strategy. HIIT of steady state?



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