Clint, 25, Definite Narcissistic and sex addict. If you use it. Give me credit please. It’s the right thing to do…..

Some people. Like my sister for one. Get really caught up in Depression. I mean, I guess I do too. Sometimes after I hook with a girl I go home thinking. Gosh dammit, I know I’m never gonna just go home and see my wife and my kids snuggled up in a couch that I provided them. On a couch that I worked for to buy them and watching Television on a cable bill that I pay every month. And SEE! That’s where I go wrong. I. AM. SELFISH. Kinda. Not completely, just a little bit. I don’t like wasting too much time on people. I like to go in their with some sort of plan. Some sort of idea of what exactly I am going to get done in the Room. And usually. Not always. But more often than not, I get what I want. It’s like I’m the Hero in my own Gosh Damn movie. And I’m Arnold Swartzneggar. Or However you say his name and I’m getting shit done! I am Killing off those Asian Ninja’s. And they’re every where. At all angles. Comin’ at me, but I’m battin’ them down. One by one. No problem.
Back to my sister though. She’s not like me. She likes to be kind of hard on herself. I do it. I’m never satisfied. Ever really. But her she will be the spotlight of the room because people love depressives. I think so at least. People love that they can hangout with my sister and make her feel better. Make her feel like her life means something. I mean fuck, why do people do that? I’ll tell you why. It’s because we are biologically constructed to make things work. When there’s a problem. We go after at that problem. Some lazy jerkoffs just rest and don’t do anything. And that’s what pisses me off. And what pisses me off even more, is they, wasted a chance to be happy. Happy in that moment, but no, they let someone or something bring them down. THEN what pisses me off even more—is that, now I love the chance at being happy in that moment, and then I think, “shit.” I just lost the chance of being happy. It’s all kind of bull shit if you think about it too much really. Thinking, I tell ya it can drive you insane. My Sister is a writer. And that’s what she does all day and night. She never turns it off, ever. She thinks and thinks, and that’s probably actually why she is so goddamn insane. I love her to death. She has always been there for me when I was growing up. She does these nice little things for me. She’ll mail me boxes full of hygienic products. She’s giving me things from deodorant, body wash, Shampoo, razors, Shaving cream and even nudy magazines. I think she did it because, Do I tell this story? Ah! Fuck it. I will. So one time I was down stairs. I was in like sixth grade. And she came downstairs and I didn’t hear her at all. The sickiest part about it. Was— I was comin’ as she was coming down stairs. So……. Yeah. And right as she comes down she look at the computer screen and see’s these two girls wearing Scottish outfits, skirts hicked up incredibly high and all you see is their asses. And I just couldn’t help myself. So I had to rub one out real quick. Well. Bad timing. And let’s face it. Life is all about timing. And she came down at the wrong time. But, you know what she did. NOTHING! She didn’t tell anyone. So far. Maybe she has. And that’s why I love her even more. Is because she’s a writer and to not tell that story takes more control then to just write it out. Writing is tough though. No wonder why she’s so depressing.