These are all things that I used to avoid doing at all cost! Now, though I find myself stapling these into my daily routines. And you new what? I bet you that I’m not alone in these changes in my life. Which is why I really started this blog. You are not alone

These reflections on what I’ve learned is a great measurement of time and ultimately change we endure throughout our life onto oneself. We are constantly changing, evolving, growing, and becoming the people we want to be in order to change the world.

The more we learn, and the more we take interest in– the more we enjoy life. Minute by minute the more you allow yourself to change your mind the more human you become. So with that.

It’s funny how it all works out when you connect the dots from going backwards. Once upon a time I would of stuck my tongue out and laughed while thinking “Never will I ever do that.” But, I’m human. And I was wrong.

1. Working out

As a Kid in elementary school, I heard “Fitness Test,” and my throat would tighten. I was one of those kids who was exceptionally good at one thing and one thing only. Being competitive. But only on a Talk the Talk sort of way. When it came time to actually walking the walk or running the mile. GOSH DAMMIT. That mile destroyed me. I remember to this day they used to give out straws on every lap. Somehow, I was given two straws on my second lap, giving me just one more lap. Simple Math Breakdown. Four laps = Mile. One Straw = one lap. I know you’re not stupid because, well, you’re reading this. So on my second lap I got two straws. Giving me a total of three straws. I finished at 6:54. That was after my 3rd lap though. Ahtough, due to my awesomely long hair, that made me look like Sonic The Hedgehog, the teachers thought I looked fast. In hindsight, I wasn’t. I was slow. A mile now? Easy. I’ll do it anytime. Any place. Well except for at a wedding. Running in dress shoes. Blister city.

2. Laundry

It’s weird, I know. But I love that feeling that you get when you put on a shirt or jeans that fit you just the way they did when you first bought them. They’re nice and squeaky clean. I feel like cleaning my life of muck. Clean out all the dirt, wrinkles, stretch marks, and smells. Folding, I’ll admit. Not a fan. But thank you Mr. Hanger. Whoever invented the hanger…. And I’m talkin, clothes. Not people. Did our society a great service.

3. Vegetables

They’re actually kind of amazing. What’s not to like about them? You can get pretty creative with them. You can eat them Raw. You can eat them cooked. You can eat them without clothes on because if you’re eating a lot of them, well, let’s face it. You’re in damn good shape. You can also mix vegetables together. Not that I wouldn’t do it after a few drinks, but on a sober level I wouldn’t take rice, beans, noodles, bread, and Lucky Charms, Cinnamon toast crunch. Fruity Pebbles, and try to mix them all. Okay. Maybe I would mix cereals with other cereals. But who doesn’t love cereal from the day their born to the day they die. I know you do. Because everyone does.

4. Silence

We get super busy in our lives. You wake up, and it’s go go go. Okay Gotta get to the gym by 6:00am. Then you’ve got to get done with the gym by 7:00am so you can get to work by 7:30. While you’re in the car, you’re calling clients or listening to music. Then you arrive for work and there’s all these people running around and talking. Even when your door is closed in office you still overhear “I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. Is it Friday yet? Coffee Time! What’s everyone doing for Lunch? Did you meet you quota already?! Gosh, there’ no way I’m gonna hit that fuckin goal.” Then you get off of work and by that time you get home it’s 5:45 because traffic was more stubborn than an 85 year old switching from land line to a smart phone. But all the while you were in traffic you were probably listening to more music. Making more phone calls, or listening to your favorite podcast. You get home. Make dinner and it’s time for some before bed Netflix. You catch yourself watching four episodes of Breaking Bad and it’s time for bed. You hit the sheets and then you wake up the next day and you still feel tired and your blocked, creatively. Just go, go, all over again. But I learned to just put myself on pause and take 10 to 15 minutes of just laying down in silence with my legs up on a chair and my back on the floor, and my hed supported by 3 to 5 inches of books are GOLD! We forget that we all have deadlines and goals to hit, but we also have to take two steps back so we can get three steps forward. What good is the accelerator, if you can’t hit the breaks when you arrive at your destination? We need time to just not do anything.

5. Talking to Random’s on The Train

It’s weird. Coming up through Middle School most of my friends were extroverted. They were funny. They were good looking and I was none of that. I had the hardest time speaking up and letting people know what I was thinking. As I grew and matured; I welcomed on the idea of talking to a stranger a day. That was my goal. It was HARD! At first like anything. Which Brings me to my next, Learned to Love….

6. Sucking at things at first

When you first invest yourself in a new skill you have this idea. You have these notions of how it’s going to go. You probably have a model or some level of product that you look up to. It’s great to have that, but when you’re too married to the idea of how kickass you’re going to be, when you begin this new skill; you’re going to disappoint yourself. Maybe not. Maybe you are the next Meryl Streep, Lebron James, Steve Jobs, Jackson Pollack, or OJ Simpson and you get away with murder (No Pun Intended) and you don’t need practice or quality hours spent on your craft or sport. Maybe you’re just amazing at it. As I grew older all the things I was interested in and even now as I try not to make too many ears bleed by learning how to sing. I catch myself being like “Gosh I suck at singing!” Or “I suck at Acting, I suck at Financing, I suck at making websites,” and that’s okay. For Christ sake we all need to give ourselves a break and just not be good at things right away.

7. Reading

The human brain is always working. Especially mine. When I first began reading I felt like a hyper-active-Fifth-grader that just got introduced to Pre-workout supplements. I’m sitting there. I’m reading and I’m reading and I’m reading some more, and then I get to the next page. Which at first. Is congratulatory, a nice pat on the back for yourself. Then you turn the page again. Five pages, roughly 15 to 20 minutes later, you ask yourself: What did I just read?  Focusing on what you’re reading right now is HARD. Seriously there’s a million things you can doing right now and sitting here focusing on what you’re doing right now is a challenge. Gradually, I’m getting better. It’s a privilege to read someone else’s thoughts. It’s a privilege to gain someone else’s perspective on life. When it comes down to it, Humans’ have existed a very long time and I doubt there is a problem you’re having right now in your life, in which a solution to your problem hasn’t been written. The solution is somewhere in a book, or in a blog. Hopefully you have the luck of a lottery winner and you can find the answer, somewhere out there. Just keep reading.


“I am still Learning” – Michelangelo