New Years Resolutions? Come on now. You’re being silly. How about New month resolutions

Start small my friends and you will get everything you want.

This article will get you all the things you want in life. I promise you and it starts with Habits. 


Some habits are better than other habits because some habits, once acquired, make other positive habits much easier to acquire as well. 

For instance, quitting smoking is hard. But some data suggests that taking up some form of exercise such as jogging or biking can make it easier for someone to quit (probably because they’re hacking up a lung the whole time). 

These are sometimes referred to as “keystone habits.”  They are habits that, once adopted, will reverberate into other areas of your life, which makes acquiring other desirable habits more natural and require less effort. 

Unfortunately, researchers haven’t been so great at saying exactly which habits give the best returns and so you see a lot of moronic articles out there citing things like “make your bed every day” or “just have more willpower!” because they, like, heard this guy say it once and it sounded smart.

After hours of research and looking into what the most successful people I know do. These are the habits to incorporate into your life that will give you the pay off you deserve. 

# 1: Exercise.

Favorite quotes “Dear Fat, Prepare to die!!


Me” –Anonymous

“To feel ‘fit as a fiddle’, you must tone down your middle.”- Anonymous 


If you don’t know the benefits of exercise then you are either sleeping your life away, re- reading the children’s book “Everybody Poops” or living under an old and big rock. 

Nevertheless these are the benefits:

Improves concentration. Decreases heart and lung disease. Help you fight a ton of smattering types of cancer. It also improves your mood, gives you more energy, improves the quality of your sleep, your sex life, and some evidence indicates it even improves concentration and learning.

On top of that it can make you look super sexy and prevent obesity. 

How to adopt this is as a habit?

Start Small:

The goal is to always show up; simple jog up the stairs, or doing a quick set of push ups for the first 5 minutes of the day. 

Bodybuilders will often get addicted to working out. Heck you might be one of them and therefore may feel like you’re wasting your time with reading this; read on my friends this will help you.

To build muscle though you also have to take time to rest. How do you take a breather and rest? Active recovery is key. True exercise involves strength training or body weight calisthenics. The muscle needs time to grow and therefore rest is needed. This is where active recovery comes out to play. 

Active recovery exercises includes walking, lightly riding a bike, swimming, Pilates or Yoga. Any of these choices will make that stubborn blood inside you tissue, and ligaments to circulate. Thus speeding up your recovery. 

How to adopt this habit into your lifestyle?

Start Small:

At least walk for a half hour first thing in the morning to either read, listen to your favorite music, or even write a little journal. The amount of benefits you will get from here will save you thousands on hospital bills in the long run. 

Don’t try and be a smart- alec with me now and say “what if I’m walking and I get hit by a car? What then Logan?” Then I’m going to say that you need to improve your concentration habit, get on a treadmill or invest in a at home stationary bike to ensure you’ll never do this. 

2: Awesome Habit number 2!


Favourite cooking quote: “Cooking is like snow skiing: If you don’t fall at least 10 times, then you’re not skiing hard enough.”

Cooking your own food can save you money. Slim down your waste and even score pointers with the ladies. Restaurants, both fast food and Otherwise, this includes chipotle and Panera which are a category of their own- are known to be notoriously high in sugars, fats, sodium and carbohydrates, and it is also likely they may contain super low nutritional content. Even the healthier, low-cal options like the fried Chicken Mediterranean Salad at Applebee’s can contain a very high level of sugars and fats. One serving of their dressing has a one thousand stupid and shitty calories that will do nothing for you. Eating at home, on the other hand, allows you to cut out what you may deem unnecessary in your diet. You’re in control of the food you cook and the food you consume.

Cooking is also shown to boost your socializing bonding. Which is another habit that you can develop that will give you long lasting pay off. Your ability to get together with family and friends is a problem that is becoming increasingly harder each and every year. Due to school, work and trying to choose which TV show to watch next because they’re are so many good ones; it takes time to cook. 

This is also a great teaching tool for parents to instill healthy eating habits in their children. In fact, several studies conducted by the University of Michigan found eating family meals at the dinner table is associated with fewer psychological issues and higher academic success in children and promoted sociability in the family.

How to adopt it into your lifestyle as a habit?

This one is a hard one to battle with because we are always on the go and for some people who hate that sound of the drill at the dentists office as much as they hate cooking and then cleaning. It’s a lot of time and energy to take out of your day to do it. 

Again- start small:

I’ve decided to start by learning a few basics — how to make a couple salads (Super easy I’ve discovered), how to grill chicken (no, seriously), how to make a couple eggs — then eventually I can say I have successfully cooked for myself at least one meal a day for 30 days in a row. Once I’ve done that, then I’ll worry about more complicated recipes and how to prepare more types of foods.

#3 Awesome Habit numero Trace: READING

Reading. It’s incredible. It’s the only thing in the world that allows you to come and live inside my brain for a little while, see what it sees, feel what it feels, small what it smells, taste what it tastes, and then leave again. Okay, I know that’s a little weird. 

And many studies suggest that people who read regularly are far more empathetic. They care about other people more. They relate and respond to others better. People who read regularly are also just smarter, better informed, and more knowledgeable about the world.

How to adopt this strategy into a habit: 

Favorite Quotes: “We read to know we’re not alone.”

“It’s impossible to be a different person every day. But you can live a thousand different lives by reading a thousand different books.”

How to adopt this Habit into your lifestyle?

You got me! Start small. Man you’re getting good at this. 

Read just for five minutes before bed to help yourself fall asleep. 

The biggest problem I think people have with developing a reading habit is that they try to read what they think they should be reading rather than what they actually enjoy reading. If you like teen murder mysteries even though you’re a 45-year-old single mother, read teen murder mysteries. If you like books about zombies, read books about zombies.

Another reading tip. If you are reading a book and you start hating it. Then stop reading it. You don’t need to finish something that you hate. Especially when you’re trying to adopt this as a habit. Give it at least 15 minutes to see if you like it. 

Kill two birds with one stone. Walk on the treadmill and read. You’ll feel like superman or superwoman (whatever family jewel your mother gave to you) but seriously walking and reading becomes so meditative in the long run. 

4: Super cool habit number cuatro- Writing: 

My favorite quotes about writing:  

“You haven’t had the thought clearly until you’ve written them down.” – Flannery O’Connor 

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect” – Anais Anin 


Whether it’s emails or journaling or writing fiction or posting a political rant on Facebook, writing well is fast becoming one of the most important life skills in the 21st century. So much of your life today is spent in front of a screen and through social media, email and messaging apps, so if you can’t communicate well through writing, you’re putting yourself at a monstrous disadvantage.

If reading allows you to inhabit other people’s minds for a small period of time, learning to write well is like cleaning your room before the guests come over — it pushes you to learn how to organize your thoughts more coherently, string together rational arguments, and tell stories in cogent and insightful ways. 

How to adopt it as a habit:

Get on Facebook and post something funny you heard that day. Get on your email and start tackling all those people who want to CONNECT WITH YOU! Heck, even solicitors. Maybe write the hate mail that would love to send to your friend that invited everyone to his 11th birthday party but you. Don’t actually send this though. That is not something that’s going to help your life. 

Maybe be like Tim Ferris. Set a timer on your iPhone, smart phone or whatever ma-gadgets you use to track time and write. Doesn’t have to be long. It could be 5 minutes. Make it convenient for yourself. Maybe on your commute to work. While you’re sitting on the train you set five minutes in your phone to write about the dream you had last night. Or maybe a problem that you have been dealing with in your life.  

Writing was a hard one for me. Honestly, I would rather get a cavity filled everyday of my life then to try and write when I have nothing to write about. What I did? I would find screenplays from movies I loved and rewrite them. Change the words around just to feel like I was writing something as genius as them. 


5. Amazing habit numero cinco- Socialising 

You might be saying “Really Logan? Really? Socializing is easy. That’s the least of my worries.” Which is why it’s last. But chances are if you’re really into writing and reading which are very anti- social activities you’ve probably dealt with loneliness and depression. 

Lonliness is kind of a thing. It can lead to depression. People are finding it harder and harder to just be with people for longer periods of time. 

I think many of us, if we slow down long enough to take a look at ourselves, don’t give our relationships the time or attention necessary to keep them healthy and happy.

For me I can get really into doing my own thing. Such as writing, reading, exer- maa-sizing, or practicing different voice impressions. Which are now things I do habitually. I don’t have to think to hard to do them but I find myself feeling super alone. At social events I don’t know what to talk about or what people are thinking about me. As a person who spend a lot of time alone you’re constantly worried about what people are thinking of you.

How do you adopt this socializing as a habit?

Again START SMALL (By this point you might be thing small is my favorite word. It is when it comes to developing super- like capabilities.)

Talk to a different friend every single day. Either on Facebook or through email. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes a day. My trick to coming up with what to talk about was about asking them the right questions. 

What are they obsessed with lately? What TV shows have they been watching? What have they been looking forward to in their life? Simple go to questions like this will allow you to open up like a celebrity walk in closet. Whatever that means. Work with me here. 

Last Habit: Okay I lead maybe socialising wasn’t the last habit but this is a short one. 


Favorite quotes: “The work is not done. It’s only due.” 

“The work is never done. It’s only abandoned.”

Benefits include:

Getting shit done. Getting shit done and well, getting shit done. 

How does anyone adopt a habit into their life that they hate? The key is setting a deadline for yourself. This is the ultimate drain- O for writing, reading, working out, cooking (be careful with that one) and socializing. 

By telling yourself you only have a specific amount of time to do something you’ll do it. That’s why the old adage of “want something done? Give it to a busy person.” When you schedule a habit to happen in your life. It will happen.  

Lastly, be easy on yourself. Habits take time to build but they work.

Last take aways (Exercise, Cook, Read, Write, Socialise and set that deadline).