Logan Tyler Nelson is the creator of Scratch Your Own Itch Podcast. He wants to be as real as he can with you. He’s always found it unhelpful to see depression as a mental illness. But this is what he has to label it as because society won’t know what he’s talking about when he refers to it as a Itch that only goes away when it’s Scratched.

“Scratch Your Own Itch.” What does that mean? Un- Scratched itches can drive someone crazy. And the longer someone ignores that itch; the greater the chances are they’ll go crazy, have a mental breakdown, or even worse- feel unworthy/ suicidal.

Logans Big life Itch came when he attempted suicide and failed. After this life changing event he finally realised that he LOVES helping other people face their fears and make that big change in their life before its too late. How is he doing this by helping people Scratch their OWN Itch.

Scratching your own Itch feels so good and when you finally do it you don’t question your life purpose, you don’t think about changing careers, you don’t have a fear of missing out on anything, and all the sudden you notice that you no longer have jealousy towards other people, you no longer worry about “is it going to work? ” Because now your tapped into your “flow” state as Steven Kotler refers it too. ADHD goes out the window, anxiety goes out the window, and most importantly Suicidal thoughts are completely eradicated. It begins with Scratching Your Own Itch. Because the opposite of fear is Curiosity.

Logans true mission is to save 10 million people from negative thinking.

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