My name is Logan and I am a Podcast ADDICT. Yupp, I said it, I am obsessed with Podcast interviews. I will listen to them while I work-out. I will listen to them while I drive. I will listen to them while I brush my teeth. I while listen to them while I move my bowels. Gross, I know, Don’t pretend you haven’t talked on the phone while on the can. I’ll also listen to them while doing laundry, or grocery shopping, or making love with my girlfriend. Wait what what? Yeah. Okay I lied there. I don’t. But I would if I had a girlfriend. That just goes to show you how much I love podcast. Here’s the reasons why Podcast in my humble opinion are as awesome as cold Pizza for Breakfast. Well. Maybe they come in as a close second…

1. Multi-tasking master…..

I don’t know too many people who walk around with one thought at a time, and have only one objective at a time. Unless you’re like 60 years young. In which case you wouldn’t be reading this. Us New Kids on The Block, (AKA Generation Y/ Millennium) love multi-tasking! We’ll drive while texting, we’ll cook while doing homework. We’ll go on Facebook while talking to friends on the phone. We don’t go through life trying to achieve just one task a time. Think about it. Ever since smart phones came out we have the choice to work on about anything we want too at about any given moment. In a way, it’s harder to focus on one thing at a time and to not multitask.

2. Easier then Reading……

Sure, Blogging is nice. But let’s be real here. People are busier than a one legged-man in a ass-kicking contest. Who really reads through an entire blog? Not saying you don’t, so you don’t have to get all offended now and discontinue reading this, but if you did stop reading this– I’m just saying don’t make it easy for me to win the debate titled: Who really reads the entire blog post?  My point is that most of the time we skip to the bold words and head right to the chocolately chip goodness. It’s nice with podcast, you can’t really “Skim.” They just play into your ear; a section of the temporal lobe called the primary auditory cortex. I know. COOOOOOL. Big words. I learned them from a podcast. *If I were in front of you I’d be doing some cool winking thing at you* like this 😉

3. Anybody can do it…….

All you need is a microphone. Computer and a subject to talk about. To produce one episode on a major Television channel costs up to $300,000!! You read it right. That’s five zero’s on the end of that. I don’t have that much and I don’t really know your finances, but I’m guessing that you don’t either. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t have that much either because you can start your own podcast for as cheap as low as 200 bucks. You may even have the equipment already. 

But here’s an in depth Tutorial:

I recommend 2 M-Audio Nova condenser microphones through a Behringer Eurorack UB802 mixer, then into an M-Audio Firewire Solo, monitoring everything through two sets of any headphones of your choice. So get out there and do it!

4. Find friends that Care…….

If you’re anything like me. As a writer. You are alone quite a lot. I’m not even a legit full time writer. I dabble. As you can tell through the mastery of my writing skills that you’ve been reading thus far. *insert Cool wink again* 😉 Podcasting will enrich your life by forcing you to go up to strangers or people you really admire and asking them if they’d like to be on your podcast. Someone really wise once said “you’re a by-product of your environment.” So why not take a break from those long lonely hours of sitting and thinking all by your lonesome self, and collaborating and filling the world with your incredible thoughts and ideas with the help of Podcasting.

5. Get Smarter by not Working Harder…..

My favorite Podcast are: Copy and paste into the URL and ENJOY! —Acting — Self improvement —- Master Improvisational Comedy and Writer interviews —–Conversations that satisfy your curious mind

These are my current favorites. I’m learning how to be a better actor, writer, story-teller, brother, Son, Nephew, friend, and just over all: Person, by listening to these podcast. I know I’m not the smartest or wisest person in the room but because of these podcast. They are enabling me to become more knowledge hungry beast. I’m simply become interested. Another Wise man once said “Don’t try to be interesting. Be Interested.”

Thanks for reading. Please comment with Podcast that you like to listen to, or tell me where I’m wrong and hopefully we can become internet friends! Because Internet friends are way cooler then real friend. We say the TRUTH on the internet. Serious we do. “You are totally right,” said no one on the internet.