One of the best things an actor can do for himself before first rehearsal is “getting off book.” Getting off boom means that you have your lines memorized. It’s not an easy task but it’s VITAL!! So much time is wasted in rehearsal by not knowing your lines and so many directors in the industry will LOVE you if you learn your lines ahead of time.

So how?

How do I get off book. Well here’s five quick tips for getting off book. Above all. Know what you’re saying and why you’re saying it and all these hack will come much easier.
For example if you’re like is: maybe you did or maybe you didn’t.

And the person said nothing to you before this line you have to make up a line in order to make since if this line. Maybe the character asks you a question like: Did I see you on 57th and Broadway last night?

Or Maybe it’s something provocative. The more provocative the better. Lines: Did I see you run around naked last night after the Cubs one the World Series?

Therefore, know what you are saying and why are you saying it will make it a lot more fun.

1) Record your lines and listen to them while you’re eating, working out, or driving your car

2) Walk on a treadmill and say them out loud over and over. By using muscle memory within your mouth the lines will come much faster.
3) write out key words in the line and remember the meaning of that word
4) set a ten minute timer and relax yourself and say the lines out loud with a location in mind for each line (mind palace)
5) morphing lines (physically inhabit the lines you are trying to memorize by using your body to physicalize each action)