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At the end of the year, my amazing acting Professor. Patricia Skarbinski had us do a final journal entry, in which, we write up things we’ve learned about acting. I stumbled upon it today and went through to read them and couldn’t believe that all these things I learned about “acting” also applies incredibly well to this thing called “life.” Please read through them and apply them to your life even if you’re not an actor.

1. It’s not about you. It’s about your partner!
2. We are not in the business of being polite. We are not in the business of being mean. We are in the business of telling the truth.
3. We all have ideas of who we are, but they will change. One moment were angry, we have moments of great doubt, we have anxiety attacks, we have moments of self- doubt, we have moments of shame, we have moments of out-rage, we have moments of perverse thoughts. WE ARE CONSTANTLY CHANGING.
4. We put limitations on ourselves when we try to “show off” but your job is to feel whatever you are feeling without any apologies or the attraction of showing off.
5. An actor needs to rehearse as writers needs to write. As athletes need to practice.
6. In great acting, everything is personal
7. Breathing is essential in fully experiencing your feelings
8. Acting is a lot like Skydiving. Given circumstances: (your lines are to acting in a scene, just as free falling is to skydiving.) But after the given circumstances are enlisted, “you do not know what’s going to happen next, but wherever it goes, is right.”
9. Accidents are great because they keep you authentic and honest
10. It’s almost tougher to be yourself then it is to be someone else. Very often we want to be like someone we admire versus being us.
Always keep in mind. YOU ARE ENOUGH
Your body is always telling you what you’re going through. Even if you’re hands are moving, that’s an impulse.
11. LET IT GO! No expectations. Sometimes you just got to say “fuck it.” And honestly trust the work you’ve prepared is enough.
12. If you’re coming in with pain, sorrow, or happiness. Bring it into acting, you’re still going to have to deal with what your partner is giving you.
13. Whatever you are feeling; even if your feeling isn’t what the “right” feeling is for the character, just feel it fully. It’ll pass onto another feeling, and then another feeling, and then so on and so forth.
14. Say what you are feeling. That’s honest. Trying to think of something “clever or funny” to say is dis-honest.
15. Actors are athletes for “feeling.” Therefore a callous of dealing with conflict has to be built for your instrument so when dark emotions such as “pain, fear, rage or anxiety” arise, you as the actor don’t push down the feeling because you don’t like the feeling. People feel many things and if you want to play real people. You have to feel these feelings.