1. I would like to stop having ideas in my head and not writing them down. I miss out on too many good ideas because of this. 
  2. I would like to stop avoiding my family. As an artist I feel like I have to be constantly going and if I rest I’ll never “make it.”  Even though deep down I know there’s no such thing as “making it” there’s only doing work that I believe in. 
  3. Being ungrateful. I often forget how ungrateful I can get by saying things like “I wish I didn’t have 20k in student loans to pay off. Or I wish that I had a huge following for my YouTube channel so I could become famous as frick.” But really being famous doesn’t matter. It’s about making people around me happier that truly gives me joy. 
  4. Having unrealistic ideas, or always trying to chase the shiniest new red ball. I believe that at times I’ll have these ideas like “I want to film a webseries.” Or “I want to write a book!” But do I? I mean sure the idea can give you an idea orgasm but really I think we all need to ask ourselves some simple questions before starting a million things and not finishing any of them. The best question I’ve come up with is: Is the project I am about devote myself too something I could do for at least two hours a day? Also, can I do it no matter how low my energy levels are?
  5. Stop comparing myself to others. It’s that simple. I don’t think I need to elaborate. As soon as I compare myself to other I start to become jealous, cynical and not fun to be around at all. 
  6. Stop my addiction to stealing. I love gum and I love calorie free drink mixers even more but they cost so much. I’ve gotta quit that shit. My question in order to stop this is: What would my Mom say? It’s silly but it works!
  7. Trying to do a million things at once. I often try to do so many things in my day that all of projects I’m doing come out low quality. Rather I would like to start producing less content that is of quality. 
  8. Talking badly about myself. I often say things like “Dude. Why are you trying to become an actor? That pays nothing. Do you know how hard it is to actually become one? Just stop now before it’s too late.” I need to stop believing in negative thinking. 
  9. Not stopping to look at the beautiful accomplishments I’ve already managed to succeed in. 
  10. Stop lying to myself. If I don’t pursue occupations that make me feel energized then I cannot continue to try and make it work. For example I kept trying to become a screen writer and I kept finding myself more and more tired each day and hitting myself in the head over and over for not producing a screenplay first draft within a week. Some things just take time and happen later on in life. 
  11. Stop rushing. We live in a society that is NOW NOW NOW. Patience isn’t sexy and attractive anymore but I’m here to tell you it is. I believe in it. Anything that I’ve done worth while has taken time. 
  12. Stop trying to do everything by myself. I want to believe that I can be a one man show and be more self sufficient then anyone else in this world but I’ve realized that inside our heads. But it’s truly way more difficult to edit, write, star and produce all your content by yourself. 
  13. Stopping a project and not fully finishing it. I realize that some projects are not ever done but they are only due. Way too often though I will start a good book or start on an idea and after spending a day with it starts something completely new. 
  14. Stop falling in love with the writing process but not the editing process. Writing is rewriting and if I can’t take handle with this then the inspiring pieces that I have inside my head may never come true.