I Dare You To Read This

My names Logan Tyler Nelson and when I’m not writing about myself I’m doing one of the following- walking, breathing in fresh air, eating, listening to a podcast or an audiobook, rehearsing talks or getting a workout in. I’m ALWAYS- Scratching My Own Itch (A.K.A being curious about people.)

I am not going to lie to you though and pretend I’m perfect.

I have trained my mind to being negative to positive. In the past I’ve sabotaged everything that was once good. I once blamed myself for anything that was good in my life.I

If I had a good job. I found a way to screw it up and screw myself over.

I’ve stolen.

Cheated on tests.

Lied to friends.

And even attempted suicide.

Are You Sure You Want To Keep Reading?

Okay, well, when my mom died at age 11 I felt like it was my fault and that I should have spent more time with her in the hospital.

When I got honors in college I told myself “well, I’m an acting major. No one fails acting.”

With all this truama I felt completely alone. Which led to me trying to take my life.

The best thing that happened to me was I found out through the Power of Scratching My Own Itch that I wasn’t alone.

And you aren’t either. You have a dream.

Whether you’re a boss, side hustler, creative, fitness enthusiast, or business owner who has dealt personally with depression, adhd, or anxiety. I want you to know you are not alone.

And while I do love a good Oprah or Richard Branson quote, I believe we need a little more than that to get us moving. We need a toolbox full of actionable ways to create the life we want, and my goal is to provide people with those tools – so they can start building that life as soon as possible.

So wait, what exactly do you do?

I am a coach, writer, and business strategist. I’m an avid investor in projects I believe in.

And I love having a job where I can help people find, shape, and focus those things in a way to get more, give more, and overall start Creating A Life Worth Living.

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Logan is one of the most loving, caring people you will ever meet. It’s clear that he created this podcast out of his deep desire to help people who are struggling. In each episode he interviews someone who has had some sort of struggle and overcome it. Their stories are moving and inspirational. His guests struggle with addiction, depression, and many other challenges that are all to common in our world. Logan is working hard to bring the stories of people who defeated their demons to those who are struggling with them so the world will be a better place. Very powerful and important podcast.

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